Shadow Stalker KHII

The Shadow Stalker

The Shadow Stalker, and it's final form, The Dark Thorn, is a Heartless Emblem and a boss battle, featured in the video game, "Kingdom Hearts 2". The monster takes shape, whenever it faces dangerous enemies. The Heartless is a minor player in Animated Vs. Video Game Villains War.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Dark Thorn KHII

The Dark Thorn

A Distracted Heartless

After learning of controling the Heartless by her tutor, Jafar, Mother Gothel seeks to destroy Seymour. In the fray of the battle she summons the Shadow Stalket to deal with him. Seymour stuns the Heartless with his powers, but it turns out that the Heartless was a distraction, allowing Gothel to sneak from behind and impales Seymour with a dagger, killing her opponent.


Later, Gothel is encountered by Gruntilda, one of Jafar's previously enemies. Seeing the witch attacking at her, Gothel summons once more the Shadow Stalker, although it is quickly taken out by Gruntilda's magic. When Gruntilda and her sisters leave to their new base, Klungo, the remain minion of Gruntilda, discover that the Heartless is not actually defeated, but assumes the ferocious form of the Dark Thorn. Despite it's efforts, the Dark Thorn is disposed off easily by Klungo toxic's potions.

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