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Sewernose de Bergerac is an alligator Puppeteer and one of the minor villains in Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Disney Villains War 2

Villains War (Kennithball97)

Vs The Great Fusilli

Traveling to southern Italy, the British alligator named Sewernose meets up with his brother "The Great" Fusilli, who has recently been renowned as the greatest puppeteer of the land. Sewernose is jealous of the massive status he gained, although Fusilli decides to hire his acting services and share future profits to make up for this. "For Fusilli, everyone play-a-part."While another show is in progress, the actor looks around the theater, to find dozens of puppets hung on the walls and ceiling. All this did was anger the gator more, as he just assumed he bought them with vast amounts of money. With him fed up with his brothers act, Sewernose puts on a captain hook costume, and threatens to slice him and his puppets with his cutlass. In a state of panic, the puppeteer jumps off the balcony, leaving the audience confused. He tries to improvise a new act, only to fall victim to the curse of the stage, leaving him as a lifeless puppet, with his brother taking over him, his stage and his show.

Vs Myotismon and Devimon

While Sewernose was presented to Negaduck by a suggestion of a visitor when suddenly some mysterious bats appear to him ... and to the horror of both the vampire Myotismon appears to him who was only looking for victims for the Legion's plans, to this Sewernose and Negaduck decide to team up against the vampire when he summoned an army of Bakemon and Phantomon, Negaduck confronts him with his weapons but Myotismon with a blow sends the criminal to fly then Sewernose is forced to flee until another lackey of Myotismon, this was Devimon who attacks Sewernose knocking him down and Myotismon deals the final blow to Sewernose while Negaduck decides to retreat after seeing Sewernose die.

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