Seth (Dinosaur King)

Seth Dinosaur King.jpg

Seth is the primary antagonist of the manga and anime, Dinosaur King. Seth is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Ice Battle

Seth is the apprentice of Maximillion Pegasus, who desires him to eliminate Stormella. Seth sends some massive monsters after Stormella, but she blasts them away with her icy wand. Not willing to be outdone, Seth summons his Cryolophosaurus to fight for him. Stormella blasts the dinosaur back, but it recovers and launches the witch off a cliff with its powerful breath.


Seth doesn't need to work much throughout most of the war, but he is soon approached by two lethal assassins: Marcus and Ogthar. Marcus has his troops fire upon Seth, but the dinosaur wielding warrior summons a Saurophaganax to take out the troop. Unfortunately, Ogthar takes out the dinosaur with a cannonball. Before Seth is able to run away, Marcus impales him on his sword.

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