Set is the Egyptian God of desert, storms and mostly of violence. He is the brother of the god, Osiris and also his greatest enemy. Set appears in many spin off movies and television shows, including the "Tutenstein" show. Set is a major player during the final events of the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Egypt And East Forces Together

Prior to the events of the war, Set is a rival to the goddess of discord, Eris. In the present, knowing that he must have power and allies in order to defeat her, Set joins Rameses and the Fire Nation's empire. This enrages Eris, who is also one of Rameses's allies.


When Eris turns traitor and begins aiding Egypt's allies, Set becomes the dominant magical force in Egypt. Egypt soon goes to war with the Ice Nation and Eris's allies. Hotep and Huy, two Egyptian priests who manage to kill several Ice Nation lieutenants, arrive before Set, asking for power. Set grants it. No sooner does he do so than does Eris arrive. Set tries to frighten her away by generating a flood, but she does not back down. Set summons Ammut the Devourer, to which Eris responds by summoning a Roc. Hotep and Huy finish off the Roc, but Eris casts them aside and kills Ammut. The two gods exchange magical blows, but neither gets a good hit on the other. Eris summons Apep, which takes more than a few magical strikes from Set to take down. Unfortunately for Set, Apep is a distraction; Eris takes the opportunity to knocks Set off a cliff and into the Netherrealm.

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