Serpentor is a major antagonist in the G.I. Joe franchise. The page is solely devoted to the Serpentor of the 1985 animated television series, and it's subsequent film adaptation, Real American Hero. A genetic living product of COBRA, taken from the DNA of thousand men, serving as an inspiration of the Cobra dream, Serpentor possesses valuable knowledge and power, in terms of political and military power, making him the perfect inspirational leader, to be ever created. He is briefly featured in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

While Serpentor's origins are currently unknown, it is assumed that he grew a bit hatred, towards Cobra Commander, eventually starting a civil rivarly between the two. Feud with Cobra's antics, Serpentor decides to face Cobra personally, only to meet him, along with his partner-in-crime, the Major, commander of the Millennium. In spite of his attempt to assert dominance over COBRA, he is rebuffed by Cobra himself. The Major then proceeds to shoot down Serpentor with a gun, followed by his legion of vampire soldiers, who continue to shoot his body and devour him alive.

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