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Seifer is the secondary antagonist of Final Fantasy VIII and a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series. A gunblade expert, Seifer is a secondary player in the Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

Pirate Slayer

The Lich King summons both Seifer and Zelgius to be his disciples. The two are assigned to retrieve the Soul Edge, a demonic blade that could be an asset to the Lich King's plans. Zelgius tries to take the sword from its owner, Cervantes, but he perishes in the attempt. Seifer soon goes to retrieve the blade, taking on Cervantes himself. The two exchange blades, with Seifer soon being forced on the defensive. He manages to knock Cervantes down, but the pirate brandishes a pistol, a move that proved lethal for Zelgius. Seifer proves faster, blasting and killing Cervantes with magical energy.


Seifer brings the Soul Edge back to the Lich King, only for it to transform him into Nightmare.