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Second Dimension Doofenschimintz is the animated counterpart of the real Doctor Doofenshmirtz. Unlike the real doctor who is a stupid and clueless scientist, he is much more smart and genius than his animated counterpart. In the movie he turned his greatest archnemesis, Perry the Platypus into a cyborg and gathered many Norm-Bots to conquer his universe. Although he is shown to be evil in the movie, in fact he was good character, until he lost his train which it was the cause that turned him evil. In the end he reforms after he witness his robot army destroyed and taking the train he lost from the real doctor Doofenschmintz and returned to his universe, only this time caught by his own people and arrested in prison for many years. He is a secondary player in the Disney Villains War 2, which his role, along with the real doctor, is to invade New York with his recruited army. He also appears in a different timeline of Villains Battles, where he betrayed Scar,Pete and Yosemite Sam.

Disney Villains War 2

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Villains Battles 2 (Special Dimension Arc)

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