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Scroop is a murderous spider-like alien pirate who serves in John Silver's crew in both the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains and Disney Villains War tournaments.

He is usually seen as the true villain of the animated Disney film, Treasure Planet, seeing as he is more ruthless and possesses a crueler nature than Silver.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains


Thrax takes down several crewmen from Long John Silver's crew, though the captain does not want to participate in the war. Scroop disapproves of this and challenges Thrax to a fight. After slashing a rope that Scroop is hanging on to, Thrax watches his rival fly off into the atmosphere.

Disney Villains War


As in the Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War, Scroop resists the hiring of Silver's hiring crew; instead, the employer is Emperor Zurg. Scroop rushes the emperor, but he reverses the gravity of the ship. Scroop barely manages to hang onto a flag to prevent himself from flying off into space, but Zurg cuts the rope to the flag. Scroop wails as he flies off into the cosmos.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Cui

Cui come's across John Silver's pirate crew. Following orders of Lord Frieza to get a Dragon Ball from one of Silver's crew: Scroop. But Scroop is not willing to deliver his Dragon Ball to him and a battle ensues. ¿Will Scroop be able to save his Dragon Ball or is Cui to much for him to deal with?

Battle of Hell

Now with the devil gone, souls are trying to find a way to escape from Hell. Meanwhile other souls are fighting to prove their superiority, two souls want the title of "God of Hell" as a big brawl starts the devil's shadow still lives an has some of his powers back in his domain.

Disney Heores Vs Villains War

Spying John Silver

On Zurg's flagship, Lilo and Stitch waited for their fate when unlikely rescue came in the person of John Silver, who decided to release them from their cells. As they made their escape, Silver mused that the others would say he had "gone soft" if they found out, unaware that one of his crewmen, the sadistic Scroop, was watching.

Informing Zurg of Silver's beltrayal

Calling John Silver to him, Zurg revealed that Scroop had told him that Silver had released Lilo and Stitch from confinement. Sick of Zurg's methods, Silver declared his resignation from Zurg's employ, but the evil emperor wasn't willing to let him go that easily. He told Silver that if he left, there would be no one to keep him from killing Jim Hawkins, whom Zurg knew Silver cared for. Reluctantly, Silver agreed to stay.

Vs Peter Pan Forces

Infiltrating the airship being used by Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins to recover the Unimind device, Sliver's pirates broke into the armory and took the ship's weapons for their own. As the pirates began their attack on Pan and Hawkins' team, Zurg's other soldiers boarded the ship to reinforce them.As Scroop joined the battle, he managed to take down both Pan, Tinker Bell, and Alice, leaving Jim on his own. As the villains cornered Jim, Darkmatter prepared to execute him for his earlier humiliation, only for Silver to come to Jim's defense and knock out Darkmatter. However, Zurg had already found the Unimind, taking control of it and using it to teleport his men back to Planet Z.

Battle of Planet Z

As the heroes stormed the base, Scroop attacked Peter, Jim, and Tinker Bell, with Tink evening the odds by using pixie dust to make Jim and Scroop levitate off the ground. Even as they soared up to the tower's peak, however, Scroop was about to kill Jim when Peter tricked him into leaping into a flag, tearing it from the tower's flagpole. Realizing too late what had happened, Scroop drifted off into the atmosphere to his doom.

Heores Vs Villains War

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Vs Marvin Forces

At the Martian royal palace, Marvin and the Queen of Mars try to explain to Xene, Torch and Gazelle the threat looming over the red planet. But the pirates led by John Silver stormed the royal palace. It will be up to the three leaders of the Alius, Marvin and the Martian Queen to stop their attackers and find out who hired them.

Telling something

John Silver and Scroop tell King Zenoheld about their failure at the Martian royal palace. The ruler decides it's time to get serious by sending the Vexos led by his son, Prince Hydron..

Informing something

Scroop informs King Zenoheld that Hydron has gone over to Zurg's side of the alliance. The devilish king orders his entire alliance to attack Zurg's. But John Silver supported by Mylene blames Zenoheld for mistreating Hydron because if he didn't do it they wouldn't be in this situation. But the king of the Vestals is fed up with listening and supported by Scroop and Zod Duck threatens to reserve the same fate as Hydron for Silver. At this point before the battle, John Silver, Link and Mylene propose that at the right time they will betray Zenoheld and give the throne of the Vestals to Hydron.

Battle of Vestronia Palace

Finally, the alliance of Zurg and that of King Zenoheld are ready for the battle that could decide the fate of the galaxy. But since John Silver, Mylene and Lync will eventually betray him, will King Zenoheld win or will this be the end of his reign?

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)


Zod Duck and Scroop survived the battle at the Vestal Palace and want to take revenge on Hydron and his allies for what they did to Zenoheld. But first they have to prepare strategies.

Disney,Non Disney,DC and Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

In Zurg's faction

Zurg gathers his faction for a presumable war.

Villains Battles

Battle of Galaxy

While Xene and Zurg decided to go and take out King Zenoheld, the emperor's allies (Dvalin, Torch, Gazelle, John Silver and his pirates) corner Frieza and Zenoheld's allies led by Cooler in order to make the Vestroian ruler a easy prey for Xene and Zurg. Will Cooler and his allies survive?

Villains War (Adrian C)

Villains War 2 (Adrian C)

Disney Vs TV Villains War

All Star Villains War

All-Star Villains Tournament

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War