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Scratch and Grounder are the two idiotic robot servants to Dr. Robotnik. They constintally bicker amongst themselves, which is usually what backfires their plans.

War of the Villains

In "War of the Villains", Scratch and Grounder were sent by Dr. Robotnik to attack SnapTrap, who planned on stealing his Ultimate War Weapon. However, when SnapTrap armed himself, the two fled in fright.

Later on, when SnapTrap reigned control of Robotnik's Fortress, Scratch and Grounder found themselves working for the dirty rat. After receiving a call from a mysterious source about Robotnik's uprising, SnapTrap hired Scratch and Grounder to find intel on Robotnik's alliance and put a stop to it.

Scratch and Grounder later arrived outside of Darla Dimple's Mansion, and found out that their former boss allied himself with Darla and Max. Scratch and Grounder discussed a plan to capture one of Robotnik's new accomplisses, but unknowst to them, Darla's Bulter Max overheard everything.

Scratch and Grounder layed a trap out in the open, and when Max was walking by, Scratch and Grounder started to hide to wait for him to get caught in the trap. Max was on to the trap, however, and simply hollered "Ouch..." even though he did not set foot in the trap. Scratch and Grounder then leaped into the trap, trying to tackle Max. However, when they found out he wasn't in the trap, the two bumbling barrels of bolts were snapped and hung by their own trap.

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