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The Scourge of the Desert (also known as Evil Jasmine) is the alias and evil personality of Princess Jasmine, controlled by Abis Mal or any other powerful force. Initially appearing from the Aladdin television series, mainly in the Forget Me Lots episode, where she served Abis Mal under the influence of the Blue Rose of Forgetfulness, before her change by Aladdin and his friends, Evil Jasmine also appeared in the second Disney Villains War, this time controlled by Prince Phobos, before his defeat to Jafar, who took over Agrabah as its new ruler, and broke Phobos' control over Jasmine, ending her role as villanous personality.

Of particular note, the malevolent form of Jasmine also appeared in the events of Heroes vs. Villains War, although in this occasion it was revealed that this "form" was a ploy of Eris, who disguised herself as the real figure to trick Aladdin and his friends. Other than that, she didn't make another appearance in the series.

Disney Villains War 2

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