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Scorpius is the primary antagonist of the popular science fiction television series, Farscape. Scorpius is a major player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament]

Double-Dealing Daleks

Scorpius approaches the Cult of Skaro, the highest level members of the Daleks, with an offer of alliance. The Daleks reject his offer and try to exterminate them, but Scorpius calls in his guards. In the firefight that ensues, Scorpius manages to destroy two members of the Cult and capture another, Dalek Caan. Scorpius then tortures Dalek Caan, in order to find out more information about the Dalek empire.

The Alliance of Space

Scorpius is soon joined by the mysterious Chancellor Palpatine; the two end up forming a large alliance of space, including the defeated and humiliated Prince Apophis. Scorpius taunts Apophis over his loss to the Daleks, whom he was able to defeat. Scorpius then gathers both Apophis and Gul Dukat together so that he can destroy the main Dalek fleet, led by the Dalek Emperor. As expected, Apophis rushes straight into the Dalek war fleet, ending up destroyed. However, Scorpius intended Apophis to act as bait, luring the Daleks in for a pincer attack. Scorpius and his men open fire, destroying the entire Dalek fleet and the Dalek Emperor in one fell swoop.

New Threats

Scorpius is not able to rest easy for long, as the lost Goa'uld, Anubis, arrives to replace Prince Apophis. Of all the members of the alliance of space, Scorpius is the only one to oppose Anubis's return, fearing the power the Goa'uld might possess. He also intercepts a transmission to the renegade Separatists by a figure named "Darth Sidious"; noting Sidious's similarities to Palpatine, Scorpius resolves to keep his ally on a shorter leash. Scorpius travels to an abandoned facility, finding a new ally in Khan. [[Category:Palpatine Alliance in Non-Disney Villains Tournament]