Schrödinger is a secondary antagonist in the Hellsing universe and the resulting anime, Hellsing Ultimate. Schrödinger is a devoted henchman of the Major and a lethal member of Millenium, reserved as the Major's trump card and emissary. Schrödinger is a minor player in Sonishadow21's Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Being the devoted servant of the Major, Schrödinger is happy enough, when the Nazi Commander announches his next phase, by taking over the city of London.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Messenger to Murder

Schrödinger travels to the fortress of El Supremo, bringing with him a television set with a message from the Major himeslf. The Major mocks Supremo, announcing his goals to take control of Britain, and goads the corpulent Supremo into conflict. When Supremo later tries to fight the Major, he ends up devoured by the Major's legions of Nazi vampires.

Both Alive and Dead

Schrödinger travels to a meeting of powerful businessmen - Maximillion Pegasus, Vlad Masters, and Varrick - and approaches them with an offer from Millennium. They respond by blowing his head off. But, operating by the same logic as the infamous Schrödinger's cat story, Schrödinger appears back in the Major's lair, informing the Major that he can wipe out the businessmen.

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