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Scarface is the primary antagonist of the Farthing Wood franchise and is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Under Napoleon's orders, Scarface terrorizes the region of Erafra, currently controlled by General Woundwort. He nearly murders one of Woundwort's lieutenants, Vervain, but Woundwort himself gets in the way. The two bite and tear at each other, with Woundwort delivering deep injuries into Scarface with his claws. Scarface manages to knock off his opponent and throw him into a tree, leaving him ripe for the pickings. At the last moment, however, Vervain hits Scarface with a pinecone, distracting the fox. Scarface kills Vervain in the heat of the moment, only for Woundwort to get up and beat him down. Scarface weakly states that he will be avenged, but Woundwort callously snaps his neck.

Cartoon Villains War

Villains War (Kennithball97)

Vs Scar

Sick of Scar's tyrannical rule of the massive savanna, which includes his own forest, the blue fox known as Scarface took off to Pride Rock to fight the lion himself.Upon his arrival, the canine immediately rushed towards the unprepared feline, biting him in the leg, only to be swatted away shortly after. The cowardly lion runs off to the top of his mountain to tend to his wounds, with the fox on his tail. Once at the top, Scarface seemingly has his prey cornered, only for Scar to throw hot coals into his eyes and send him careening to the bottom of Pride Rock. The tyrant looks on at the dying canine, as he says four words that might topple the lion's reign... "I... will be avenged", before succumbing to his broken bones and having his corpse devoured by Scar's coalition of hyenas.

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