The Scarecrow (real name Jonathan Crane) is a minor nuisance in the DC comics, first appearing in World's Finest #3 comic strip, as a minor enemy of Batman. A former brilliant scientist, turned into a psychotic monster, specialized in techniques and chemicals that manipulate fear. The incarnation of the character from the Batman: The Animated Series, appears as a minor player in the Non-Disney vs. DC Villains War.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

The Scarecrow makes his solely appearance in the third round of the war, appearing on the circus of Professor Screweyes, with intentions to steal his fear machine radio, required for his desings. Screweyes refuses to give it freely to the villain, leaving it to open battle for the two villains, to acquire it. The Scarecrow then takes the first sample of turning on another machine, that controls fear, leveling up the entire circus, bringing forward several lesser demons. While frightened at first glance, Screweyes does not give up, turning on his fear machine radio to the level of "paranoid". The Scarecrow is covered in a mist of nightmares and frightening visions, enough of them that result on the Scarecrow's madness. It is unknown if he survived the encounter with Screweyes.

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