Usurper of the Pride Lands

Scar is a main Disney Villains and a fighter in all 4 major tournaments.

A cruel and conniving lion, he is the main villain of the Disney animated film The Lion King, becoming the king of Pride Rock after murdering his brother and rival, Mufasa.

Scar in the CG universe.


Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains

Legitimacy Problems - Vs Scar Snout

Scar discovers the upcoming Villains War through Maleficent, recruiting the hyenas to prepare himself. Fearing his rule might not be seen as legitimate, he decides to perform an act of 'heroism' to increase his popularity. The lion discovers the Rugrats cornered on a bridge by Scar Snout. Scar charges the villain, winning the initial clash. Scar Snout, however, slashes Scar across the face and pushes him off the bridge. Scar survives the fall, however, and retakes Scar Snout, slashing the animal off-balance. Tearing into his adversary's claws, Scar replicates his fratricide, hurling Scar Snout to his death.

African Domination - Vs Steele

Scar later recruits his wife, Zira, and tells her of his plans for world domination, only to receive the news of Nuka's death through Shere Khan. Scar laments his son's passing, but his thoughts turn to protecting his throne once the husky, Steele, threatens it. Steele savagely bites at Scar's neck, only for the lion's mane to protect him. Using his wits, Scar knocks Steele off of him and sends him plummeting down a mountain. Though Steele somehow survives the fall, he arises to an army of hungry hyenas. Scar looks on as Steele is eaten alive. After Ruber conquers the world, Scar retains control of Africa.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Fall to Mumm-Ra

Scar's rule over the Pride Lands lasts longer than the rules of many other combatants, but he too eventually loses his grip over his regime. Defeat comes in the form of Mumm-Ra, sent to prove his merits as a warrior. When the mummy tries to attack Scar directly, the lion king sics his hyena army of Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra defeats them all, chasing Scar to the cliff face of Pride Rock, now set ablaze during the battle. Scar attempts to blind his foe, but Mumm-Ra recovers too quickly for Scar to take advantage of his opening. Scar's confidence falls further once Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, his loyal lieutenants, abandon him. Mumm-Ra fully recovers; though Scar tries to tear the mummy apart, the mummy blasts Scar from the face of Pride Rock, leaving him to die in the flames.

Possible Return

Scar's spirit drifted after his death, ultimately finding its way to the spirit realm. While there, it witnessed the final battle between Mumm-Ra, Mirage, and Zira. As Mumm-Ra absorbed an intense attack from Mirage, Scar emerged and threw his enemy a great distance. Turning to the sorceress, Scar demanded that she "get out." Zira, having seen her mate one final time, fell off a cliff to her demise. It is unknown if Scar's spirit survived the subsequent destruction of the portal to the spirit realm. Nonetheless, he may or may not be returning for the third war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Disney Villains War


The Ghost of Scar

While out on Pride Rock, Scar is ambushed by Percival C. McLeach. Taken off guard by McLeach's imposing half-track, Scar attempts to flee but only succeeds in getting himself trapped in a pit-trap the poacher has set earlier. McLeach taunts Scar, but the proud beast lashes out, leaping out of the pit and knocking McLeach into another pit behind him. As Scar prepares to tear his enemy apart, McLeach retrieves his gun and shoots Scar through the heart. His soul is later harnessed to produce Feral Mickey.

Disney Villains War 2

Free by Maleficent

With her forces finally assembled and the first wave of the Organization's assault halted, Maleficent called three more fallen veterans of the first war into her service: Ursula, Clayton, and Scar. With these reinforcements, Maleficent finally felt ready to meet the Organization's threat with an army of her own.

The Second Death

Out inspecting more territory for Maleficent, Scar found himself in a familiar situation when Xigbar confronted the lion to remove him from Maleficent's alliance. Refusing to run away this time, Scar confronted his enemy face to face. Unimpressed with the lion's show of force, Xigbar summoned his laser rifles and shot Scar as he attempted to pounce on him, sending Scar tumbling off a cliff to his death.

Disney Villains War 3

Discusing with Xehanort

Young Xehanort was confronted by Scar's ghost who demanded Xehanort's help in retrieving what he lost. Xehanort then stated that he would only extend his help if he could be of use to him. Scar then made clear that he had no intention of serving Xehanort and that he should listen to him since he was a king. Xehanort then pointed out that Scar lacked a lot of physical appearance for a king. Scar then stated that that was what he needed help with. Xehanort agreed because he found the situation would be interesting.

Vs Sa'Luk

Having been returned to a corporeal form and been returned to the hand drawn universe, Scar set out to craft a new kingdom starting with the Underworld. He was confronted by Pain and Panic but Scar quickly dispatched them. Sa'Luk then confronted Scar. Scar kicked burning embers at Sa'Luk, knocking him down. Scar then leaped at Sa'Luk but Sa'Luk punched Scar out of the air. He then slashed Scar with his gauntlet. Scar then pushed Sa'Luk back and tried slashing him. But Sa'Luk punched Scar and then hit him over the head with both fists, knocking him away. Realizing he couldn't win, Scar departed.

Teaming with Mirage

Having escaped from certain death, Scar was approached by Mirage who offered him the terms of an alliance.

His Faction

Scar found his scattered hyena forces and rallied them once more to the benefit of his dragon overlord, the Dark Dragon by singing to them about the glorious future that would await them, introducing them to the Dark Dragon, Chang and Mirage. Sharing his goal of conquest, the hyenas agreed to join Scar once again.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Assembling Forces

Scar appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series, although altered with few changes. In the wake of Tublat's defeat, Scar and his new ally, Shere Khan, assemble their forces at the African jungles to take over Tublat's former territory.

The Hunter Becomes the Prey

Soon enough a threat emerges as Clayton arrives in African territory, occupied by the Coachman, desiring to kill Scar. Eavesdropping on the hunter's activites, Scar sets Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed on the loose, hoping that their number would scare the poacher, only for Clayton to frighten them back with his gun. Scar then steps forward, overpowering the poacher with ease. Even after pulling off a machete, Scar manages to trick his prey by trapping him in a thich region of vines. Tangled up, he slices through as many vines as possible but ends up cutting too many. Realizing his mistake at the last second, he falls and hangs himself by accident. Scar then lets his hyenas to devour his corpse.

The Ghost of Scar in the universe CGI

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Beast Vs Monster

Scar and Zira travel to the Elephant Graveyard, recruiting an army of hyenas to their cause. Suddenly, the Wendigo appears with a pack of fellow monsters to take the territory for itself. When the Wendigo attacks the hyenas, Scar seizes the opportunity to boost his standing. He blinds the creature by throwing embers into its face. Scar then delivers a brutal backhand to the Wendigo, while Zira and the hyenas fight the pack. Scar and the Wendigo pounce at each other, with the Wendigo getting the upper hand. Right as the monster is about to land the killing blow, Zira tears through the Wendigo's spine with her claws.

First Encounter with the Hunter

While out for a walk, Scar comes upon the famous game hunter, Kraven. Kraven sets it upon himself to take Scar as a trophy, but Scar sics his hyenas on the man. Though Kraven manages to beat the hyenas back, he ends up severely wounded. Scar tries to deal the finishing blow while the hunter is down, but Kraven is still strong enough to hoist up the lion with his bare hands. Scar crashes to the ground, thrown by Kraven. Knowing that he is not a physical match for the hunter, Scar retreats, while Kraven looks on.

Fighting in the Shadows

After learning that Kraven has received genetic upgrades, Scar decides to go on the offensive. He has Zira and Nuka hire Anansi to eliminate Kraven. Unfortunately for him, Anansi perishes in his bout with Kraven.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Scar become a Heartless.

Gothel raises Scar as a Heartless (which is actually the ghost of Scar in universe CGI) to take the sword that can restore youth from Shikata, Shikata fights Scar but is defeated.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Grumblemon

Grumblemon impressed by Ranamon's power wants to impress Devimon by taking out Scar. Grumblemon arrives at the pride lands and finds Scar. Scar fights with all his force to destroy his opponent, but Grumblemon has a trick up his sleeve.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War


Wanting to gain new land, the evil ruler Count Nefarious sent one of his accomplices, Dr. Fetus, to go out and get him some. Having set his sights on the Pride Lands, the doctor went to confront their current ruler, Scar, and demanded that he cede control to him. Scar, however, refused and ordered the doctor to leave his kingdom. Not giving up so easily, Dr. Fetus began spreading gasoline and other flammable materials over Pride Rock. Scar then noticed what the doctor was doing, and began to mock him for his persistence. Fetus, however, would have the last laugh, and pulled out a match. It was then that Scar realized in horror what the doctor meant to do, but before he could stop him, Fetus threw the match, setting Pride Rock ablaze. As Scar desperately ran to escape the flames, he found himself cornered by Dr. Fetus. Determined not to go down so easily, Scar leapt at the doctor in a desperate attempt to kill him, only for Fetus to throw a brick at him, sending the former monarch tumbling to his death.

War of the Villains

In War of the Villains, Scar was in the middle of feeding his Hyena underlings, when he was interrupted by PsyCrow and The Professor in The Battle Bug. Scar came down to the rescue of his minons, and attempted to pounce onto The Battle Bug, only to be gunned down by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head.

Pokemon Heroes Vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Vs Charizard

Charizard is encountered by a powerful lion known as Scar, who challenges him to a match, in which the Fire Pokémon accepts. Scar may be a strong lion, but even his claws aren't worthy enough to defeat Charizard, especially when he's about to be tossed.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Back again

Finally, Rasputin uses his reliquary to bring back this ferocious lion back into the war.

Helping Hook

Meanwhile, Captain Hook calls Rasputin, Mozenrath, the Huntsman, Fright Knight, and the newly resurrected Scar, so they can decide how to help plan the assault in France. Suddenly, Yzma comes into the room, and has already decided with the help from the Witches of Morva, and DNAmy.


Meanwhile, Captain Hook calls Rasputin, Mozenrath, the Huntsman, Fright Knight, and the newly resurrected Scar, so they can decide how to help plan the assault in France. Suddenly, Yzma comes into the room, and has already decided with the help from the Witches of Morva, and DNAmy.

Vs Pikachu

Already in France, Rasputin asks his new lion partner of which one of Ash's friends to fight. Scar volunteers to take out Ash's best friend, Pikachu, who easily took Scar out months ago. When Pikachu finds out that Scar has entered the Hall of Paris, right before Ash's 1 1/2 years as Judge of France celebration, the bloodthirsty lion is hungry for revenge.

Suggesting DNAmy

Knowing she might need another oponent to prove herself, DNAmy decides to go attack the Pokemon trainer known as Dawn with the suggestion of Scar.

Not happy

Jafar finally reaches out of Limbo, after keeping Ash still locked up there. He arrives at Queen Narissa's castle to join her alliance. However, Scar and Rasputin are not happy about this.

Vs Charizard

After a hard fight with Shendu's forces, Charizard decides to make an attack on Queen Narissa's castle. But Rasputin and Scar (who seeks long revenge on the Fire Pokemon) have led the Huntsclan into taking Charizard down. But they'll have to dodge Charizard's fire blasts if they want to defeat him and Scar has a little surprise for Charizard.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

Giving Captain Gutt a task

Captain Gutt arrives at Queen Narissa's castle, and though finding out that the queen has left to the live action universe, he meets Rasputin and offers to join her team. Rasputin and Scar want him to see how good the ape captain first.


Scar and Rasputin are pleased of Gutt's success of defeating Blastoise, and bring them into his alliance.

Having Enough

Yzma reports to Scar and Rasputin about her defeat to May.Scar and Rasputin are furious of Jafar, almost having Yzma killed, and always knowing he was up to no good, they banish him. But Jafar swears revenge, that this isn't over.

Declare war

The Huntsman reports of the loss of the Witches of Morva as well as his defeat against Mew to Scar and Rasputin. Believing Jafar is still up to his foolish tricks, they decide that they should declare war on the nasty sorcerer and his Agrabah army.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Heroes Vs Villains War

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains

Vs Werner Werman

Scar and his mate Zira are planning their uprising but suddenly a rat named  Werner Werman appears and begins to attack the duo. He knocks out the Hyenas, before using a catapult to injure Scar. Zira however starts to help but is knocked out by his Bombs. However, Scar manages to make the rat's can explode before knocking him out and letting the Hyenas injure him.

His Faction

Scar hears about Clayton's Death, and becomes worried that there is a new top predator. So, he recruits Shere Khan, Kaa, Zira, Sabor and Ushari to deal with the creatures.

Grow his power

Scar sends Shere Khan and Sabor to deal with a bird named Wally Warbles, who's invaded his territory.

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Teaming with Shere Khan

Scar celebrates his coronation and makes a team with an old friend, Shere Khan.

Disney vs Transformers Villains War

Vs Steeljaw

In the Elephant Graveyard a couple of Hyenas were talking to Each other but the Decepticon Steeljaw interferes their conversation wanting it as it's new base however the Lion known as Scar arrives to challenge him after being knocked out the Feline knocks him into a tree defeating him.

Teaming with Shere Khan

Shere Khan arrives in the Pride Lands and forms an alliance with Scar.

Villains Battles

Villains Battles 2

Villains Battles 3

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

All Out Heroes vs Villains War

Hiring Kaa

The feared lion Scar has discovered that a strange man is flying around Africa, so he hires Kaa to take him out.


  • In Villains Battles, Scar has an interesting evolution, turning from being a malevolent ruler into a hero that wants peace all around the world. However when Midnight Sparkle merges with him, Scar retrains his malevolent role, with the only difference that he no longer hates humans
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