Scalawag and Igor
Scalawag and Igor are former villains, turned anti-heroes, in the animated film, Pinocchio and the Emperor of Night. A duo of troublemaker con artists, Scalawag and Igor aid the protagonist, Pinocchio, after they learned Puppetino and the Emperor of the Night's malevolent designs. Initially aiding the villains, during the events of Heroes vs. Villains war, Scalawag and Igor switch sides with the heroes and join them in the final events.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The Circus Perfomers

During the events of Heroes Vs Villains War, Scalawag and Igor are in the service of the Coachman, the head master of all the circus entertainers in the world. Along with their master, Puppetino, they are joined along with several criminal members of the circus, including Stromboli, Foulfellow and Gideon, Sarousch, Professor Screweyes, Hotep and Huy and Mommy Fortuna. During one night at the Lobster Inn., the Coachman's secret base, a scientist came by the name, Dr. Schechter, and explains his arrival to the tavern as he wants more children for his master, Tyler, by bringing them to the circus. Although the circus perfomers didn't find the doctor's idea interesting, the changed their opinions when the scientist bring them a sack of golden coins as a reward, if they complete the task.

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