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Disney Villains War 3

Vs Riku

Having finished his training under Dooku, Savage Opress received his first mission to strike against the Seekers. As Savage arrived at the Seekers's base, he was confronted by Riku. As Savage ignited his lightsaber, Riku dove down to meet him. As Savage charged straight at Riku, he knocked Savage to the ground with a slap. Savage got back up and punched Riku, stunning him. Riku and Savage then clashed lightsaber against keyblade. Riku then outmatched Savage and knocked him to the ground. Savage then retreated.


Savage returned to his master with bad news. Dooku was infuriated at his failure and began to torture him with Force Lightning.

Vs Xigbar

A new assault on The World That Never Was was opened as Dooku threw in Savage and Ventress to finally land a decisive blow. But as the two arrived, they immediately came under fire from bullets which they deflected with their lightsabers. The shooter was revealed to be Xigbar. Savage charged right at him but he teleported away. Another hooded figure then entered the fray and knocked both Ventress and Savage back with a swing of his Keyblade. The hooded figure and Ventress clashed blades as the figure was revealed to be Saix. Xigbar continuously fired at Savage as he deflected the blasts with his lightsaber. Saix managed to overwhelm Ventress, as both she and Savage retreated.

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