Sandman (Rise of the Guardians)

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The Sandman is a deuteragonist in the Dreamworks fantasy animated movie, Rise of the Guardians. A powerful cloudly spirit, who communicates with images from his Dreamasands, though his facial expressions can also justify his communication skilis. Unlike several other adaptations, which depict him as a villain personality, this version of the Sandman is depicted as hero to his own story, as he embodies the dreams of the children and protects them from the dark clutches of Pitch Black. The Sandman is briefly featured in the events of Non-Disney Villains Tournament, though he is confirmed to appear in the second part of Heroes vs. Villains War.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

Transformed into a Monster

A month, prior to the events of the war, the Sandman relieves to his own job, as he brings dreams to every child in the world. However, he would soon be threatened by the forces of evil, as Pitch Black sends his dark minions on the loose. The Sandman meets his match, when Pitch Black arrives with intentions of corrupting every child's dreams, turning them into nightmares in the process. In order to see his work done, the Nightmare King transforms the Sandman into a twisted version of his own image, serving him as his new bodyguard in his dark schemes. For more info about the twisted version of the character, see here.


However, the Sandman would not longer be the moster he is currently being. Upon losing his master at the hands of the Mysterious Stranger, the Sandman arrives, hoping that he would get some retribution. Upon witnessing the entity's real identity, the Stranger reverses Pitch's doing, reverting the Sandman into his pure heroic self. A lost and confused Sandman is stood before the Stranger, as the "fallen angel" declares his ideology: rebuilt the world to his own image.

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