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Saix is Organization XIII's second-in-command during the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, though officially #7. Often called the Lunar Diviner, Saix is in charge of assigning missions to the other Organization members. One of the most ambitious organization members, he nonetheless remains loyal to Xemnas. He is a minor player in the second Disney Villains War and Video Game Villains War.

Disney Villains War 2

During the second DVW, Saix is alerted to the threat of Maleficent and her Disney Villain forces after they take down several lesser members of the team. To combat the evil faerie's forces, Xemnas orders Saix to send several elite members with him to take the Disney Villains once and for all.

During the final battle of The World that Never Was, Saix battles Shan-Yu. Though he fights valiantly, Saix falls to the Hun Leader, disappearing into darkness as he dies.

Little does anyone realize, however, that Saix is actually a vessel for Master Xehanort's heart shard and is slowly transforming into a servant of the Dark Lord, Chernabog. Because of this, the old master may resurrect his servant once more to serve the Great Evil in battle.

Video Game Villains War

Xemnas's Enforcer

Xemnas feels threatened by the rise of Gol and Maia Acheron, two corrupted mages assembling an army of Lurkers. Sensing he can nip their faction in the bud, Xemnas tasks Saix with killing the two sages. Gol and Maia are prepared for his assault, arming their massive precursor robot. Though their firepower initially overwhelms Saix, Saix uses his own magical abilities to overwhelm the robot's defenses. With one massive smash of his blade, he crushes their robot, sending the bridge into a toxic vat of Dark Eco.

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