Ryūkotsusei (or else called Dragon Bone Spirit) is a powerfull dragon and one of the major villains in the anime series "InuYasha". He makes her first debut in Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

Beasts Fight

In the events of the second war, the creature is one of the dragon transformations of the wicked queen, Narissa. The queen takes her dragon form to challenge another sorceress, Majorina, while she is waiting in the Underworld for Morgana to accomplish her mission. At first the old sorceress transfomrs herself into a more mowerfull form to deal with the queen. She manages with her own powers to injure the giant beast, but Narissa takes it calm and shoots at her rival some electrical bolts from her mouth. However, Majorina summons a massive wave, almost killing the queen of Andalasia. But, in Majorina's shock, Narissa survives the attack and fires an electrical bolt at her enemy. Despite that her power didn't hurt enough the witch, Majorina's beast form was, unexpectedly, stabbed by Narissa's ally, Marina Del Ray, returning the old lady to her normal form. Just as then, Doctor Facilier, another ally of Narissa, appears in the battlefield confronting Majorina. Outmached the witch retreats from the Underworld. With her enemy gone, Narissa returns to her normal queen form.

Ryūkotsusei's Face

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