Rupee is a secondary, yet a supporting, character in the Dutch/Japanese series, Alfred J. Kwak. A faithfull servant and the right hand of the king, Francis Fernard, Rupee makes a slight appearance in Non Disney Villains Tournament, serving as one of the anti-heroes, who attempts to appeal the villains, such like Dolf.

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

A Failed Diplomacy

After learning of Dolf's partnership with Cobra Commander, Rupee gathers some of Dolf's council members, including the represenative of the Animal Farm, Cat R. Waul, to discuss the recent situation. When Rupee states the recent actions to the council, Cat R. Waul rejects his statements and spurns him. Despite Rupee's efforts to protest, he is forced to leave from the council at once. However, he has make a new enemy, as Waul sends some of Dolf's troops to seize him at once. Rupee remains for the rest of the war in Dolf's prison.

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