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Rumor Honeybottoms is a Queen Bee and boss in the Cuphead video game.

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Vs Prince John

Prince John and Sir Hiss are arguing, but Rumour Honeybottoms arrives to take over his throne. John sends out his guards to deal with her and the army of bees. The Wolf Archers and Trigger manage to stop some of the bees, but Rumour deflects one of the arrows, sending it forwards Trigger and The Sheriff of Nottingham, who both manage to dodge it. Then one of the bees knocks Trigger and Rumour shoots a missile at the Archers, leaving the Sheriff and the Rhino Guards to chase her but they fall into a trap. Honeybottoms burns Prince John's castle leaving the Prince to cry for his mother.


Her faction

Rumour Honeybottoms decides to team up with Wonderland's Current ruler Baroness Von Bon Bon.Cagney Carnation joins Rumor and Baroness Von Bon Bon's alliance.

Vs Brer Fox and Brer Bear

Brer Fox and Brer Bear try to invade Prince John's Castle which Pete wants to take over but soon find it invested by bees as Brer Bear knocks out one of them with his bat but Rumour Honeybottoms orders her troops to attack Brer Fox as uses her staff to put a beehive in his head who throws it at Brer Bear as they chase the predators away.

Anime Villains vs Cuphead Bosses War

Vs Raditz and Black Goku

Black Goku has travelled to Namek, where he wants to kill all mortals. His first victims are none other than Raditz and Rumour Honeybottoms, who are fighting eachother from orders of their respective employers. As one of them grabs the win, the "fake" Goku makes his move.