Ruhk is a small hunchback and a minor villain in the animated movie The Last Unicorn. His role in the movie is less than inportant, as he only serves only the will of Mommy Fortuna, the owner of the Midnight Carnival. He has a minor role, to appear in Heroes vs Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Pointless Doubts

On behalf of the Coachman's orders, Mommy Fortuna and Ruhk head off to track down any child they would lure to the Coachman's circus, eventually finding Cody, riding in his golden eagle, the Marahute. Though, Ruhk has doubts about Fortuna's displays, Fortuna proves him the opposite, as she uses her illusionary abilities to distract the two heroes, long enough, for them to fall into one of Fortuna's traps. Fortuna and Ruhk then bring their captive trophies to the prison cell of the Coachman.


Later, the Circus gets attacked by several heroes, who arrive to free their imprisoned friends. Ruhk encounters Jim Hawkins, but before he could attack, Jim Hawkins hurls a stone to the hunchback, knocking him out. Having him survived the hit, Ruhk would perish at the claws of the freed Marahute, who feasts on the two persons, responsible for capturing her in the first place.

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