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Ruber and his metal army.

Ruber's Alliance is the alliance controlled by the warrior Ruber during the events of the Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War and Non Disney Villains Tournament.


Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part One

  • Ruber (Becomes King of the World at the end of the war)
    • The Griffin (Former Member, Deceased by Jafar during the Battle Of France)
    • Metal Army (While some of them defeted, during the Battle Of France, the rest of them are still on Ruber's side)
    • Black Horse (Underling of Ruber, Unknown fate of it)
    • Forty Thieves (Fall under the control of Ruber, after Saluk's supposed death)
  • Rasputin (Former Co-Leader, Deceased by Jafar, during the final events of the war)
  • Rothbart (Former Co-Leader, Deceased by Maleficent, during the final events of the war)
    • Zelda (Former Member, Deceased by Yzma)
    • Bridget (Former Member, Unknown fate)
  • Zigzag (Former Member, Deceased by Yzma, during the Battle Of France)
    • Phido (Former Member, Unknown fate of him)
  • Nekron (Former Member, although he acted somehow like a traitor to the other allies, he was killed by Frollo and Ratcliffe)
    • Savage Warriors (Former Members, Deceased by Frollo's troops)
    • Glaciers (Former Members, Destroyed, after Frollo and Ratcliffe killed Nekron)
  • Eris (Former Member, leaves the faction, later in the second war, she is killed by Hades, during the Battle of the Underworld)
    • Titans (Former Members, Deceased by the opposal Titans)
      • The Roc (Former Member, Deceased by the Rock Titan)
      • The Dragon (Former Member, Unknown fate)
      • Sharptooth (Former Member, Deceased by the Wind Titan)
      • The Red Bull (Former Member, Deceased by the Lava Titan)
  • Rameses (Winners of the war)
  • Tyler (Former Member, Deceased by Shan Yu, during the Battle of France)
    • Lambert (Former Member, Deceased by Gaston, during the Battle of France)
    • Lizard Men (Winners of the war)
  • El Supremo (Former Member, Deceased by Helga)
  • Messina (Former Member, Deceased by Ursula, during the final events of the war)
  • Kent Mansley (Winners of the war)

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two (Rounds 1 - 8)

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two (Rounds 10 - 14)

  • Fire Nation
  • Jafar (Former Member, Traitor to the Fire Lord)
    • Iago (Former Member, Traitor to the Fire Lord)
  • Lizardmen Leader (Former Member, Deceased by Azula, while taking his lizard army for herself)
    • Lizard Men (Former Members to the Lizardmen Leader, currently taken over by Azula)
  • Princess Azula
  • Lord Maliss
    • The Magic Mirror
  • Darkheart
  • The Wizard of Wonderland
    • The Card Soldiers
  • Doctor Robotnik
    • Snively
    • Swatbots
  • Kent Mansley
    • Alpha
    • Bishop
      • FBI Agents
    • U.S. Military
  • Rameses
    • Egyptian Rebels

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two (Rounds 14 - 15)

  • Fire Nation (Former Occupy, Controlled by Shan Yu)
    • Princess Azula (Former Queen, Exiled by Shan Yu)
    • Fire Benders (Former Members, Exiled by Shan Yu)
    • Mai (Former Member, Exiled by Shan Yu)
    • Ty Lee (Former Member, Exiled by Shan Yu)
  • Jafar (Former Member, Betrayal to Azula, and later killed in a combat with her)
    • Iago (Former Member, Betrayal to Azula, currently uknwon fate of him)
  • Lord Maliss (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • The Magic Mirror (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula, later in the third war, fell under the control of the Evil Queen, once again)
  • Darkheart (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula, later in the third war, sealed in a box by the Evil Queen)
  • The Wizard of Wonderland (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula, later in the third war, killed by Lady Tremaine)
    • The Card Soldiers (Former Members, Banished by the paranoid Azula, later in the third war, fell under the control of the original Queen of Hearts)
  • Doctor Robotnik (Former Member, Banished by the Paranoid Azula)
    • Snively (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • Swatbots (Former Members, Banished by the paraoid Azula)
  • Kent Mansley (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • Alpha (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • Bishop (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
      • FBI Agents (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • U.S. Military (Former Members, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
  • Rameses (Former Member, Banished by the paranoid Azula)
    • Egyptian Rebels (Former Members, Banished by the paranoid Azula)

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two (Ending)

  • Ruber (Escape Limbo, along with Rasputin, and join forces with Azula)
  • Rasputin (Escape Limbo, along with Ruber, and join forces with Azula)
    • Bartok (Escape Limbo, along Rasputin and Ruber, and join forces with Azula)
  • Princess Azula (The Former Queen, now join forces with Ruber and Rasputin, whom they escape from Limbo recently)
    • Lizard Men
    • Ty Lee (The now Exiled Ty Lee, join forces with Rasputin and Ruber)
    • Mai (The now Exiled Mai, join forces with Rasputin and Ruber)

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three (Rounds 1 - 5)

  • Ruber (Currently, King of Camelot)
  • Rasputin (Co-Leader to Ruber)
    • Bartok (Henchman of Rasputin and Member of Ruber)
    • Gargoyles (Minions of Rasputin and Members of Ruber)
    • Insects (Minions of Rasputin and Members of Ruber)
  • Lord Maliss (Former Member, Turned into Statue by Grimhilde's magic)
  • Princess Azula (Member of Ruber)
    • Lizard Men (Henchmen of Azula and Members of Ruber)
    • Ty Lee (Servant of Azula and Member of Ruber)
    • Mai (Servant of Azula and Member of Ruber)
  • Admiral Zhao (Member of Ruber)
  • Kent Mansley (Member of Ruber)
    • General Rogard (Possibly, Member of Ruber)
    • U.S. Military (Members of Ruber)
    • Unknown Soldiers (Members of Ruber)

Non Disney Villains Tournament - Part One (Round 4)

  • Ruber (Former Leader, Deceased by Venger, later wandering in the Tartarus, where Eris restored his health, after seeing his potential)

Non Disney Villains Tournament - Part One (Rounds 10 - 14)

  • Ruber (Former Leader, Accidentally killed by the Stone Jaguar and abandoned by his allies)
  • Eris (Former Member, after Ruber's death, she had no concert for revivng him again)
  • Richard the Warlock (Fomer Member, Abandon Ruber at the last moment)
  • Tzekel Kan (Former Member, Mummified alive by orders of the pharaoh, Rameses. Later the shaman, in his spirit form, became the new torturer of the Underworld)
    • Stone Jaguar (Former Member, Thrown into a lava pit by Hotep and Huy's magic)
  • Hama (Former Member, Unknown fate of her)

Non-Disney vs DC Villains War

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

An Alliance is Forged

Lead by Ruber, this alliance formed one of the largest factions in the Villains War, and was in direct opposition to the forces of Judge Claude Frollo. At first, Ruber only commanded a small band of meek and sickly mercenaries, until he was approached by Rasputin, who used his dark powers to transform Ruber's motly crew into iron men with hands of steel. Ruber had an army that was essentially invincible, and a new ally in Rasputin.

The Triple-R Force And New Members

Following a joint battle against Chernabog and a duel of Ruber with Saluk for controlling the Forty Thieves , Rasputin welcomed Rothbart to the faction (which earned them the nickname "Triple-R Force"). Ruber established himself as the leader of the alliance, with Rasputin and Rothbart sharing much of the power. Shortly afterwards, they were joined by ZigZag, who became Ruber's chief advisor. Ruber also added the powerful, but untrustworthy Nekron to their ranks.

The First Victory

They were later joined by Eris, who became a silent partner in the alliance. Eris also brought her servant, Rameses, who pledged his small army of Egyptian rebels to Ruber's cause. Shortly after this, the alliance launched it's first major offensive against the forces of the Horned King - a battle which ended in complete victory.

Final Plans And Members

Ruber had heard about a potiion that it will draw together his sword and his hand, which it was inder Yzma's hands. After the failure of Zelda to take the potion, he tasked it to Zigzag who dispached easily Yzma and finally taking her potion to Ruber who with it's power granted the power to fuse his sword with his hand. Wanting more modern technology, the alliance next forged a pact with El Supremo, who lent his considerable weaponry and military forces to their army. Finally, they were joined by Tyler and his army of Lizard men. Their time to strike was finally at hand when Kent Mansley, once a close ally of Frollo, decided to switch sides and provide Ruber with valuable intelligence about Frollo's forces, setting the stage for the final battle of the war.

The Ruberian Age Begins

The alliance finally participated in the greatest battle of war, fighting Frollo's faction on several fronts. Although casualties were high with Rasputin, Rothbart, Tyler, Zigzag, El Supremo, and possibly Messina meeting their end, Ruber killed Frollo personally and his armies utterly defeated Frollo's forces. In the wake of the battle, Ruber proclaimed himself King of the World and prepared for the "Ruberian age".

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

The Loss Of Ruber's Power

When the first war had ended, Ruber was excited that now he is a king but he was upset due to losing many of his generals in the battles. After one year, since the end of the first war, Maleficent approached the new king declaring her loyalties, not knowing Ruber that she had killed Rothbart, one of his top generals. She told the king about a magic sword hidden in the swamps of Morva. Thinking of this, Ruber was interested in the sword to take it and increase his power so he took his metal army and went to Morva to take the sword which it was under the Witches of Morva control. Seeing Ruber forces, Orgoch defeat magically his metal army by throwing them into a whirpool. As Ruber attempted to kill them, they seperated his sword from his hands, leaving him with no weapons. Thinking not anything else Ruber attempted to flee the fight, for not risking his life to find the magic sword. It was later revealed that the witches were tasked by Maleficent to kill Ruber.

New Alliance

At his arrival in Camelot, Ruber was furious for losing his sorcery assistance. As Kent Mansley and Rameses trying to calm him down, Lord Maliss and The Wizard of Wonderland came to the castle and pledged their loyalties to the new king in order to forge an alliance. He gratefully accepts their offer by replacing his former allies. But Ruber was still unconviced about his new faction and so he sent Lord Maliss to recruit more sorcerers to expand his power. Later Lord Maliss show his apprentice Darkheart, who succeeded in a mision by defeating a black bear after Lord Maliss sent it to him to test his powers. At first Ruber was not interested but when Darkheart revealed his true form, Ruber accepted him to his faction. Meanwhile Kent Mansley recruited Doctor Robotnik to his services and the services of the king. His only failure was to lose the Forty Thieves from Oruku Saki and Hun from his previous enemy, Saluk. Finally Ruber's new alliance was composing of Kent Mansley, Rameses, Lord Maliss, The Lizardmen Leader, The Wizard of Wonderland, Darkheart, Doctor Robotnik and their minions.

The Fall Of A King

However a period of a king does not last forever, even for Ruber who was the king of the known world. On the celebration of Ruber, who closed seven months as the supreme leader, Ruber had invited all of his allies to his palace to memorialise his victories over the defeat of his previous enemies. Unfortunately the party was crashed with the arrival of the red genie, Jafar, who took orders from Maleficent to assassinate the king of the world. At first Ruber sent the only survivors of El Supermo's army to kill the dark genie. But after they were defeated, he took his matters at his own hands by charging with full power at Jafar, only to be stopped by Jafar's sorcery, who used his ultimate power to finish the brutal knight's life, leaving only a head plate so that everyone, who was watching the whole scene, will remember him as the fallen king of the world. Fortunately Jafar's powers didn't kill Ruber, but instead they transfered him to Limbo, where there he encounters his old friend, Rasputin, who had been stucked in there since the first war. The two then started to make schemes so that they will escape from that prison and conquer the world once and for all.

The Rise Of The Phoenix King

As for the mortal world, the councilmembers of Ruber fought each other for leadership of the faction. Meanwhile in the distant lands of the Fire Nation, the princess Azula brought the recently lamp of Jafar, whose had stole it from Maleficent's base, before Maleficent can reacts, to her father, Fire Lord Ozai, hearing about the genie's powers can rule the world. When she sent the lamp to her father, the Firelord made quickly his first wish by becoming the ruler of this world. Later he travelled to Camelot, along with Jafar and Azula, and sent a message to everyone was residing in that he has now gained the controll of this empire, promising them that it is time for this world to end with fire and for a new world will be born from the ashes.

Yet More Loss

Despite that the Firelord had been in charge of all of the citizen of his empire, there were many civil wars, between his servants and the firebenders. Mostly Azula who was not excited about the refusal of her father to rule the world together, little did they know that Jafar had been spied on their relationship. When the Firelord gone for a while, Jafar took his opportunity by convincing the princess to rule the growing empire, something that Azula agreeded. One day she challenged, in the annual Lizard games one of the last survivors of the last war, the Lizardmen Leader into a combat, after she humiliated his reputation as the King of the Lizards. With some fire shots, he beat the king in no time while all the other members who were attending at the games were watching in horror the death of their old ally. Azula then gained the control of the Lizard Army, much to Jafar's surprise by making her next move.

Set Backs of the Fire Nation

Prior to events of the first war, Ozai had been rival with one of his greatest enemy, Shan Yu. In the present he learned that he is the emperor of China. Although he send Azula and some of his forces to deal with Shan Yu allies, in the Battle of Peru, which they merge victorious from this fight, Shan Yu prepare his forces for the next upcoming attack. During one night, Ozai travel to Mozenrath's citabel, where Mozenrath and Shan Yu were prestented and attempt to finish them once and for all. At first the Fire Lord knock Mozenrath to a nearby pillar, to which Mozenrath survive the attack, leaving Ozai to laugh at his fall. However, Mozenrath take it calm and shoot at the Fire Lord some of his magic, knocking Ozai away, winning the time for Shan Yu and Mozenrath to escape the citabel.

The Fall Of The Phoenix King

Furious for his humiliation against Shan Yu and Mozenrath, Ozai wished for his second wish to Jafar to declare his loyalty to him, unbestknwon to him the vizier's purposes. He then launched an all assault on China, taking the Fire Benders and Jafar to the fight, to finish their enemies. After Ozai's forces had been defeated by the Sorceror's Society, Ozai took his matters into his own hands and deal personally with the Sorceror's Society, taking all of them one by one. However, to Ozai's shock, Jafar betray him and make his speech clear to the Fire Lord that he serve only his loyalty. Furious Ozai fires to the genie some blasts, only to be invisible to Jafar's powers. After many attempts to bring the genie down, Jafar used a lighting spell that knocks the Fire Lord several feet away, crashing him to a giant boulder. Weak by his own powers, Jafar left him to his fate, while his old enemy arrives and finish the Fire Lord's life, ending his revenge on Ozai.

Azula's Rise

After Ozai's fall, Princess Azula takes the Fire Lord's position. Jafar then demands to Azula to free him right now, after he help her to take her high ranking position in the war. But Azula refused to Jafar's wish and announched to the rest of Ruber's and Ozai's councilmembers that no one would take her throne, now that she is a queen. However Azula had grown paranoid after her father's death and banished all of Ruber's councilmembers, leaving only herself, her rement forces of the Fire Nation and Jafar, unknown to her that he will betray her soon.

The Ruberian Age Ends

The day of Azula's coronation as the Fire Lord has arrived and all of the Fire Nation's forces and Jafar have been presented that day. Before she would be the new queen, Iago, Jafar's sidekick, take the lamp of Jafar and the red genie starts his betrayal towards her. Angered, Azula fires a blast to the parrot knocking him out temporary. Azula then turns her attention to Jafar and fires some fire blasts at the genie. However Jafar deflects the spell. Now it was time for Jafar to attack the new queen by using his magic vision to defeat her, only to be dodged by Azula's abilities. Then Jafar used all of his powers to scatter the ground below and create pools of lava, in order to send Azula down below the lava. Fortunately Azula managed to poise herself into a cliff. Learning that the only weakness of Jafar was his own lamp, she throws the lamp into the lava pool, ending the genie's life, and her problems about her coronation day. However all of this fight was overwatched by Shan Yu, who manage to succub the Fire Nation's defenses and go straight to Azula's courtyard, along with his Hun Army and his recent army of the One-Eyes. When Azula witness that she was surrounded by Shan Yu's forces and when the Hun General claims to her that all of their forces had been fallen and so was she. Before Shan Yu offer her to bow to him as the new king of the world, Azula flees from the courtyard, ending the Ruberian Age once and for all, while Shan Yu enstablish his own empire.

A New Hope

After the events of the Battle of the Underworld, which resulted the death of the goddess, Eris, Rasputin's reliquary return to his master in Limbo, along with the bat, Bartok. Learning that Eris is dead and all of her remains is only the reliquary of Rasputin, since he sell his soul to the goddess, offering some part of her dark magic in the first war. Yet the laws of mythology demand that there always be a deity of discord; as Rasputin is the only being left with a portion of Eris's magic. After obtaining these informations, Rasputin claims himself that jes is now a new god and with his newfound abilities he break out of Limbo, along Bartok and Ruber. When they made it to the surface, they were confronted by the new exiled queen, Princess Azula and her servants, Mai and Ty Lee. Seeing her potential, Ruber proposes an alliance between them, which Azula happily agrees.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Rebuilting Their Kingdom

Although many of his allies were defeated in the previous war while others got beat up from the Stemothers Three, including the Wizard of Wonderland, Darkheart and the Magic Mirror, Ruber rallies his remaint forces on Camelot, enstablishing his kingdom, once again.

A Titan Problem

However, the sea witch, Ursula, taking over Hades position after his retirement from the previous war, arrives on Camelot, along with the Titans, which Hades had brought on Earth on purpose to kill Eris and then eliminate Zeus in the first war. Having the powers of the god, Rasputin was the only one that battle the Titans alone, while being overwatched by Bartok and some insects. As the Titans approached Camelot, Rasputin conjured a blast of lightning into the Rock Titan, although the giant survive the upcoming. The Rock Titan then punched the eldery lich, scattering his body parts everywhere. But Rasputing manage to reassembled himself and used his reliquary to create a cyclone, which it would the Titans in, and later launched them in the outer space, where they were blown into smithereens. As Ursula laments her loss, Rasputin celebrated.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Quick Defeat

Ruber begin his territory by invading the Under Realm, currently owned by the sorcerer, Venger. Ruber also seeks the favor of the mysterious Skullmaster. However, Venger is ready to deny him both. As Ruber summoned his Metal Army to kill the sorcerer, Venger take it calm and uses his magic to send Ruber's Metal Army to their demise. Ruber himself tries to rush the sorcerer with a mace, but Venger deflects the blow. Ruber then challenges the gargoyle sorcerer into a flying battle with their sidekicks. Venger won in the match by knocking Ruber out off his griffin and slaughtering the flying monster with his powers. Seeing that he was outmatched, Ruber tried to flee from the realm, only to be disposed by Venger's powers.

Help From A Goddess

With his apparent death, Ruber found himself to the Tartarus, where he meet with the dark goddess, Eris. Seeing potential to him, she restore Ruber's power and strenght, but she keeps him as an apprentice to her.

King Vs Warrior

Rameses, Eris lover, had been rivals with the mighty army of King One-Eye. To end his threat, the pharaoh requested from Eris to take him out of the war. She obliges to the task and she take Ruber along the way to the camp of they Mighty One-Eye. At their arrival, he was dresses as one of the warriors of the One-Eye to trick the others as one of their own, while making his way to the demonic king. When he encounters the One-Eye, he took off his disguise and challenge him to a dead battle. At first, the One-Eye sends Zigzag to deal with his rival. Ruber attacks the wizard with his sword, only to be stopped by Zigzag's cane. However, Ruber stoond up in his feet and with a single blow he sends the rhyme sorcerer into a botomless hole. The One-Eye then throws Ruber out of his camp with his super strenght, taking their battle outside. The demonic king charges at full speed at Ruber with a mace, only to be catched by the warrior. Acting quickly, Ruber attacks the king into a nearby cliff and when the king notices that hewas at the corner of the mountain, Ruber slaughter him and then raised the king and threw him from the cliff, causing the One-Eye to fell on his death, leaving Ruber with an evil grinn on his face. At the same time he was ambushed by Prince Froglip and Queen Gnorga, but they were dealt by Eris.

Finding New Strenght

Later on Ruber wanders in some ruins to come across a feline human sized creature. Ruber ingnores the creature, only to be revealed that the creature was Mumm-Ra in disguise. Being humiliated, Mumm-Ra fights Ruber to a death match. At first Ruber charges at full speed at the god, however the feline easily dodges the attacks and badly injures the warrior. Just as victory was up to Mumm-Ra, a new warlock, named Richard, appears, seeing the battle from afar, and aids Ruber in his battle against Mumm-Ra, by sending his rival with his magic several feet away. Ruber then welcomes Richard to his faction and prepares to finish off Mumm-Ra's life. Unfortunately the feline god transforts himself into a giant collosus gargoyle, known as Mumm-Ra the Everliving. Frightened by his appearance, Ruber and Richard attempt to retreat from the ruins. Just as they were at the mercy of the god, Eris appears, opening a portal with her powers, sending both Ruber and Richard to unknown locations. Later Ruber asks his friend to show his talent of magic. Richard agrees by killing several innocent people. But Ruber was annoyed when Richard shows a weakness spot in the animals and demands to Richard to find something else. Richard then, used his powers to fuse a sword with Ruber's hand, upgrading Ruber's strenght.

Final Preparations

Eris then send her forces into Egypt to take her revenge on her lover Rameses. The sorceress, Hama, volunteers to help them in their battle against Egypt.

The Invasion On Egypt

On their road to Egypt, Ruber forces encounter the shaman, Tzekel Kan, seeing potential to his powers, they asked him about joining their alliance in exhange for a boost for his powers. Tzekel Kan agrees to the offer and Richard game him magic powers, so powerfull enough, that the shaman summoned a stone jaguar to aid him in the battle against their enemies. At their arrival on Egypt, where Rameses was prepared with his army, Hama used her powers to divide the waters of the River Nile, making it easily for Ruber to attack. With his newfound powers, Tzekel Kan used the stone jaguar as a puppet to fight against Egypt. The stone creature was victorious in it's fight smashing several Egyptian soldiers. Richard then summonen a pillar of fire, which it came from the sky, to defend temporary the Pharaoh to move straight to them. Just as some of the Egyptian soldiers reach Richard, the warlock slices one of them with a cane, leaving the others to run from him. However, Richard had lost his power over keeping the fire pillar in front of Rameses. It was up to Ruber to stop Rameses, before he would proceed. He heads off to challenge the pharaoh, assisted by a new horse ride. After both of them are dropped out from their steeds, Ruber starts his fight, clashing swords with Rameses. At the same time, Hama was tired to keep the river Nile into two seperate ways. After Richard, Ruber and Tzekel Kan make it to the bay, who were noticed about Hama's situation, Hama unleashed her full force, by closing the waters of the river Nile and plunging every Egyptian Rebel into the waters. While the Egyptian Army was drown into the river, Rameses managed to reach the other bay, desperate for losing his beloved army.

The End Of The Faction

Ruber's forces manage to make their way to the Pharaoh's palace. However they were confronted by the High Priests of Egypt, Hotep and Huy. Athough they find themselves outnumbered, that didn't stop the Priests to do their magic and trick all of Ruber's forces. Not only that, but the priests manage to take them down one by one. The first victim was Ruber, since he was crashed by a giant boulder, the Stone Jaguar had created in the chaos. Although Ruber was still alive for the time being, he call his fellow Richard to remove the giant stone from him. However, to his shock, Richard abandoned him to his fate, leaving him under the rock. As for the Stone Jaguar, Hotep and Huy used their magic to smash the ground below the creature, creating into a lava pool, where it would not again make itself to the surface. Powerless, Tzekel Kan was on their mercy. Hotep and Huy then guided him straight to Rameses, since the shaman had a past confont with the pharaoh. When he confront him, Tzekel Kan begs for mercy, but Rameses didn't forgive him. Instead he mummified Tzekel Kan alive and later sealed him in a tomb.

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War


Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War

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Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Non-Disney Villains Tournament

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Non-Disney Vs DC Villains War

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)