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Rolo Lamperouge is one of the primary antagonists of the anime series, Code Geass. A Geass endowed youth with the ability to briefly stop others' perceptions of time, Rolo is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

Cobra Commander sends his master of disguise, Zartan, to kill Rolo, a known associate of Zero's Black Knights. Zartan shows no empathy towards the young boy, nearly blasting him to pieces with a hand cannon. Just as Zartan is about to deal the mortal blow, Rolo activates his Geass. While Zartan is frozen, Rolo sneaks up behind him and slashes his stomach open.

The Second Battle of Cobra Mansion

Rolo aids his brother, Zero, in definitively taking down Cobra. During the brawl, Rolo hurls an axe into one of Cobra's robots, and he gets into a massive Knightmare Frame to try and take down some of Cobra's other men. This ends up being problematic, as Doctor Mindbender ends up electrocuting Rolo through the robot. He survives, though, as Zero takes down Doctor Mindbender.