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Rokoff and Russian Thug

Rokoff's Russian Thugs are the henchmen of the Russian count, Nikolas Rokoff, and minor villains in the television series, "Legend of Tarzan". They are secondary players in the villains wars, appearing in mostly cases, when their master fights off in a tournament.

Disney Villains War 3

Animal Problems

Sent by Ratcliffe, Nikolas Rokoff and his thugs set on Madam Mim's cottage to deal with her personally. However, the witch learns of their motives and transforms into various animals, taking one by one the thugs of Rokoff, before she would deal with Rokoff personally.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

A Sinister Fight

When Frollo sends Rokoff and McLeach to investigate the Savage Lands, along with his thugs, they find themselves ambushed by Sauron and his forces, whom were sent by Mr. Sinister. One thug cuts a rope, that actually pulls off another rope, trapping a troop of Sauron. Several thugs of Rokoff then fire at the troops of Sauron, knocking out many of them. However, the forces of Sauron get their revenge, as they crush two thugs, under a pile of rocks. Another troop of Sauron knocks out the last of Rokoff's thugs, before Rokoff himself would meet his end in different means.