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Rob is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball.In season 6,he turned somehow into an anti-heroe.

Cartoon Villains War

Vs Giffany

Hoping to make up for the damage caused by Megavolt's attack, Mr. Burns hires a new assistant, Rancid Rabbit. However, the crime lord Fat Cat, annoyed by Burns and Plankton doing business with his competitors, uses experimental technology stolen from Xanatos Enterprises to create a glitch named Giffany and sends her to invade their company, where she begins taking over all of Plankton's robots. Unable to stop her, Plankton turns to Rancid, who extracts his own 'glitch', Rob, from a place called the Void and sends him to deal with Giffany. He succesfully defeat her army but was harder to beat her. He succed that to.

Joining to Mr.Burns

Mr. Burns and Rancid Rabbit finally track down Rob, who went missing after his battle with Giffany. Burns promises to find a cure for his glitch-like form in exchange for his aid against Flintheart Glomgold.

With the war coming to an end, Burns and Plankton gather their allies to take down their rivals, with Plankton introducing a few of his relatives and a newly rebuilt Darrell as extra backup. Unfortunately, Glomgold has had a similar idea, and decides to hire the services of Don Karnage.

Vs Glomgold Forces

With the Beagle Boys dealt with, the rest of Burn’s forces charge in, catching Glomgold and his allies off guard. Glomgold, Fat Cat, Karnage, and his pirates face off against Burns, Rob, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Rancid, Darrell, and the Gangreen Gang, with Plankton aiding them remotely and waiting with backup. Rob fights Fat Cat and controlled his minions by thinking they are dogs. They chased Fat Cat.

With his forces defeated, Glomgold mounts one of his robots with the intent to wipe out his rival for good. Plankton and the others are overwhelmed by the arsenal of Glomgold’s robot.

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