Ripto is a nasty, evil wizard, and a small, ill-tempered dinosaur. He is one of Spyro's evil archenemies. He appears in many Spyro games including the second game (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage) where Ripto originally made his first debut as the game's main antagonist alongside his two huge and dim-witted dinosaur-like minions, Crush and Gulp. Ripto also leads an army of small horned dinosaur-like creatures called Riptocs, the same species he also came from. Ripto is a minor player in Video Game Villains War.

Video Game Villains War

A Bad Employer

Ripto first encounters Bowser after the Koopa King kidnaps Princess Peach. Bowser then offers Crush, Gulp, and the rest of the Riptocs increased pay and benefits for joining the Koopa Empire. Ripto tries to use his magic to spurn Bowser, setting up a wall of ice for protection. Bowser's fire breath melts right through this. Ripto then mutates himself into a gargantuan monster, only for Bowser to crush his staff using the Bowser Bomb attack. Ripto dies in the resulting magical explosion, leading Bowser to take full control of the Riptoc legions.

Worst Heores and Villains War Ever

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