Rinzler is the second-in-command to CLU , and a minor then major player in the second Disney Villains War.

Role in DVW - Part 2

In DVW Part 2, CLU was approached by Commander Sark and the MCP to digitize himself into the Live-Action Universe for a challenge - submit the current Grid to the MCP or be derezzed in battle. CLU, not wanting to lose his empire to weakling programs, accepted the challenge, and beamed himself into the real world, but not before assigning his second-in-command, the corrupted program, Rinzler, to watch over the Grid in his abscence and destroy all intruders at any cost.

Soon afterward, CLU was derezzed in a lightcycle battle with Sark, forcing Rinzler to perform double duty in guarding the Grid. But he was soon confronted by the Unversed Commander, Vanitas, whose masked form resembled Rinzler somewhat. Vanitas told Rinzler that he needed a way to infiltrate the Live-Action Universe for his master, Xehanort Prime, and that Rinzler was the key he needed. Rinzler refused to accept the demon boy's request and defeated him in battle. But this was exactly
350px-Rinzler KH3D

Rinzler as he appears in the CGI Universe

what Vanitas wanted, and he removed his helmet and revealed himself to have the same appearance as Rinzler/Tron's old friend, Sora. No sooner did the weakening abomination reveal himself that he fused with Rinzler, possessing him and transporting their combined gestalt into the Live-Action Universe, where they met up with a fellow Seeker of Darkness, Necrolai, who was on orders from Master Octomus to infiltrate and destroy the Order of Morgana from within. Rinzler-Vanitas and Necrolai soon teamed up with each other and united together to eliminate the corrupted Mystic Ranger, Koragg, only to discover the abandoned spell scroll...known as the Rising.

Role in DVW - Part Three

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

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