Rigatoni is the main antagonist of Rayman: The Animated Series, and is a character that only appears in this. He is the ringmaster of an intergalactic circus that he takes to various cities, countries and planets, and along the way he orders his lackey, Admiral Razorbeard, to capture strange creatures as slaves for his circus.

He appeared in Worst Villain Tournament Ever as one of the main members of Alliance to End Koopalliance, but he was killed after Krusha forced him to pilot an Evangelion.


Rigatoni has tried for decades to get Jap-Koopa to his circus, After his latest failure, he teamed up with King K. Rool, who had tried several times to ally with Jap-Koopa so he could get the Crystal Coconut. Alliance To End Koopalliance was born, Rigatoni sent his minion Reflux the Strongest Knaaren to hunt Jap-Koopa. Reflux failed and Koopalliance imprisoned Klump and Krusha, K. Rool's minions.

Meanwhile, King K. Rool found powerful virus known as Cyberskull, that gone to his body and became strong creature. Cyberskull succesfully imprisoned Jap-Koopa, and Rigatoni was happy about this.

Later, King Koopa made an alliance with Council of Eggmans. And the base was attacked by Sonic X Robotnik and King Koopa himself. Rigatoni sent Doctor Neo Cortex and Marmite Man to destroy them. Cortex ruined Sonic X Robotnik's plans, but Marmite Man failed to stop King Koopa, who went to sewer with his children.

As Cortex tried to find a way to get Koopa out of the sewers, Klump, who had escaped with Krusha by using spoon, crashed on his partner, who woke up and turned out to be more intelligent now, and wanted to become strategist. Rigatoni was pleased from this too.

Worst Heros and Villains Tournament Ever

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