Remington Smisse

Remington Smisse is a major antagonist in the French animated television series, Wakfu. A professional thief, Smisse is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

A Failed Heist

In a region near Cyclonia, Remington steals a powerful artifact that he intends to use for himself. While the thief is making his escape, Dark Ace and Ravess intercept him. Remington manages to knock Dark Ace back briefly, as well as take out another pilot with his staff. He then dodges all of Ravess's arrows. The problem: Ravess destroys the terrain around him, causing Remington to slip and hang onto a ledge. Ravess helps Remington back up, but she and Dark Ace take the artifact away.

New Friends

Remington allies with Prince Charming, who wants to kill Pitch Black in revenge for his mother's death. Frieda, too, joins the faction. As the war transpires, Remington goes in search of more allies, coming upon Stork, threatened by the dangerous Jersey Devil. Remington leaps into the fray, kicking the Jersey Devil aside. After introducing himself, he gains Stork's friendship by shooting the recovering Devil in the face. In exchange for Smisse's help, Stork agrees to provide Smisse with the technology to defeat Pitch Black's faction.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Sent to Kill

Hired by a mysterious benefactor, Remington is sent to stop Icicle Junior and Killer Frost, two threats harassing the Star City. Upon confronting them, Remington coldy demands to them, to stop their antics at once. When that fails, he uses force, as he guns down Icicle Junior, severly injuring him. While focused on Junior, Remington is caught off guard, when Killer Frost attacks, nearly killing his familiar, Granny Smisse. Nevertheless, he manages to shoot her down. When Icicle Junior recovers, he attempts to defend himself, with an icy wave of water, only for Remington to blast through his defenses, knocking him out.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two

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