Reggie Lady and the Tramp
Reggie is the territary antagonist in the sequel of the animated movie "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure". He is a big bulldog who likes to threaten anyone who stands in his way, especially Tramp and Scamp who accidentally met him during his sleep, and he is furious for weaking him up. He has a minor role in the villains tournaments, most notably in Disney Villains War Part 3.

Disney Villains War 3

Fighting A Gangster And A Robot

When Fat Cat and his minions were imprisoned in the dog pound, Reggie awakes from his slumber and found the evil cat residing in his own cage. Thinkig that they were the reasons who locked him up, he charged into them. While the dog had dangerous skills, the business cat had an ace upon his sleeve, calling his metal cat to deal with the bulldog. While the battle was still in process, Reggie saw that Fat Cat and his allies tried to escape from the cell and tried a final attempt to catch them. But before he catched them, Fat Cat pulled a lever that it locked automatically the cell, leaving the dog to spend his life in the prison jail

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