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The Red Skull (real name: Johann Schmidt) is the archenemy of Marvel superhero, Captain America. A maniacally evil Nazi, the Red Skull is a major player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

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Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Shadow Operative

The Red Skull opens the war from behind the scenes, hiring Electro to eliminate Queen Grimhilde. Meanwhile, Red Skull tries to form an alliance with the ruler of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts. She refuses, shouting in the Nazi's face. Red Skull does not take kindly to this. The Queen of Hearts smacks him in the face with a flamingo, but Red Skull lays her flat with a pipe. Red Skull brandishes a pistol, leading the Queen of Hearts to retreat into her fortress. Red Skull manages to shoot through the fortifications, leading the Queen of Hearts to surrender.

Unfortunately, not all of Red Skull's plans are so effective. Electro returns, having defeated Grimhilde, but decides to betray Red Skull. As Red Skull's back is turned, Electro blasts him in the back, leaving Red Skull temporarily wounded. Electro escapes before Red Skull's lieutenant, Chameleon, gets a chance to respond.

Assembling His Forces

The Red Skull finds a new ally in Frollo, who appears after Electro's betrayal. Thinking Frollo dead at the hands of Doctor Doom, Red Skull inquires as to Frollo's survival. Frollo reveals that he used a secret passageway to escape the flames of Notre Dame. He proposes an exchange: an army of Nazis in return for defeating Doctor Doom. The Red Skull complies, forming the first Disney-Marvel alliance of the war. The Red Skull then travels to Nutziland, finding a huge army of Nazis just waiting for his command. Additionally, Frollo adds the forces of Ratcliffe to their alliance, the New Axis Powers.

Crystalline Company

Knowing that his forces will need some magical prowess in order to defeat the superpowered Doctor Doom, Red Skull sets out to acquire the gemstone of Jafar. Red Skull interrupts an attempt to steal the gem by Commander Rourke and his troops. Red Skull sets out his HYDRA soldiers, while he himself shoots down Rourke's hot air balloon. The Nazi gets into a plane in order to defeat Rourke, but Rourke shoots the plane down. Red Skull teleports onto the remains of the hot air balloon, shooting Rourke in the arm. Rourke seizes an axe and tries to kill the Red Skull, but he ends up exposing himself to the magical power of the gemstone by accident, turning him into stone. The Red Skull takes the gem for himself and also recruit Rourke's mercenaries into his Nazi Army. He then brings the red gemstone to his alliance.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

Red Skull in the universe Live action

Red Skull in his identity of Dell Rusk

DC Vs Marvel Villains War

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Non-Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Vs Claudaunus

Red Skull is planning his move in the war until he is attacked by a feral cat name Claudandus. Red Skull easily beats up the feline and was about to shoot him, until Dolf arrives and shoots Red Skull's hand which caused him to drop the gun. Dolf takes Claudandus with him to his place, Red Skull vows revenge.

Killing two nazists

While hunting for Dolf, Red Skull encounters a duck version of Hitler. The two Nazis begin to fight. Eventually, the Hitler Duck (As well as his ally, a duck version of Mussolini) are killed by Red Skull.

Movies Villains War

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Meanwhile, the Nazi leader Red Skull met with his agents, Toth and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen, and made plans to re-establish the Nazi regime.

Vs Agent Smith

Meanwhile, Red Skull held a rally with his soldiers and allies, including Kroenen and Hans Landa, planning for the Nazis to conquer the entire world. However, after the rally, Red Skull found himself confronted by a man in a black suit and sunglasses, who introduced himself as Agent Smith and informed him of his intentions to destroy Red Skull's faction. Irritated, Red Skull shot Agent Smith with a ray gun, killing him. However, he soon found that the Smith he had killed was a decoy, while the real Agent Smith advanced on him. Red Skull and Smith then faced each other in hand-to-hand combat, with Red Skull shooting Smith with a handgun. Smith, however, was completely unharmed, and knocked Red Skull to the ground. Tiring of Red Skull, Agent Smith assimilated him into his complex, transforming him into a clone of himself. With Red Skull now under his control, Smith left him to act as his mole within the Nazi faction.

In his new form

Hans Landa is now the leader of the Nazis, he faces Red Skull, who now just has the name of it, and Landa tells him he thinks he is a spy send by Smith to know all the secret of the party, because now he is "one of them" and Schmidt replied he did not know what he was talking, he just wanted to do something greater than the nazism.

Disney Vs Comics War

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Shan Yu

After conquering China Shan-Yu was about to be declared emperor but at that moment he was stopped by the Red Skull who initially proposes an alliance, but when the autumn refuses the Nazi he sees in him a threat and decides to eliminate him, there will he succeed or has he underestimated the leader of the Huns?

Villains Battles 3

Vs Sa'Luk

Thanks to the Major, Red Skull was able to survive last war and seeks to recruit new allies for his new employer. He finds one in the form of Sa'Luk, who survived against King Dedede in the first war and went into hiding. The thief lord, however, isn't willing to ally with him and quickly attacks him. The Nazi soldier may have technology resouces, but is he able to deal with brute strength?

All-Star Villains Tournament