Red Hulk is general ross's alter ego and a secundary player  in marvel vs disney war.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Hades's Cup

Sinister becomes the General Ross in Red Hulk, Red Hulk reaches the underworld where Hades , celebrates the Hades cup Red Hulk has to face the Children of Echidna, who are defeated easily by red, then Echidna Hulk intervenes and knocks Red Hulk of a punch, but Red Hulk uses a heat wave and sends it to fly away, to the surprise of Hades.

The Battle of Egypt

Red Hulk participates in the Battle of Egypt, trying to beat McLeach , but the hunter sends his lizard Joana against and throw it away, then tries to kill Jafar, but the sorcerer sends him away with a burst of energy and traps in a blanket of molten metal, reverting to Ross.

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