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Red is a feline demon who appeared in the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains tournament as a member of Hexxus' alliance.

Red disguised himself as an eldery St. Bernard dog

He first appeared as the main villain in the animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven II.

Red’s Ultimate Form

Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War

Killing a Fool

Needing an apponent to face in order to impress his mother, the lion Nuka chose Red as his target. Red, having taken the disguise of a harmless old dog, seemed to be easy prey. But, when Nuka arrived to kill Red, the demonic cat revealed his true, insidious form. He used his dark magic, and crushed the foolish lion in an avalance of logs. Not long after, he decided to join Hexxus' alliance in the underworld.


Not long after, Red sent the cat serial killer Claudandus, to kill Zira's ally Shere Khan. But, he would fail, and the tiger would reveal all that he knew to Zira, who swore vengeance against the demon cat. Red, however, remained ready, planning for the "grand finale."

Back to Hell

Zira soon would attack, just as Red had anticipated. The demon was ready, and grew to immense size, suprising his enemy. He knocked Zira away, and prepared for the final blow. What Red had not anticipated, was Zira's secret ally, the Horned King. The necromancer attacks, and Zira slashes Red's eye. The Horned King then uses his cauldron to conjure a powerful spell that begins to suck Red back down to hell. He tried to escape, but is unsuccesful, and is sucked into the flames from which he came forth from. It us unknown if he will ever return.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

"It Feels So Good to Be Bad"

Created by Mok Swagger out of the body of Claudandus and out of the entity of a demon, once brought in this universe, Red the hellcat is born anew into the world of the Non Disney Villains Tournament. Once created, Red begins slaughtering various henchmen around Mok's base. This violence abhors most of Mok's allies, leading them to leave Red mostly to himself. This proves to be against Red's advantage, as he is being closely watched.

New Management

As it turns out, the Triumvirate of Terror (Nergal, Him, and Discord) have taken an interest in Red. Before Red can gauge the strength of his foes, Discord hypnotizes him and convinces him to unleash his feral side. Him then teleports the three to a city, in which Red is encouraged to kill more people. While there, Red tortures Eustace Bagge, an irritable farmer.

Heroes vs Villains

Non Disney Heroes vs Villains

Villains Battles

Vs Eris,Dr.Eggman and Him

While scheming their final move against Hades and Maleficent, the Horned King and his allies receive a surprise visit from Corset and the Devil who want to help them. They, however, get attacked by Him, Dr. Eggman and Eris. During the battle, somebody comes to help one of the teams fighting...

Soyuzmultfilm Villains vs Non-Disney Villains War

Demons alliance

After defeating Rikuai, Lucifer could not calm down and came to his father, the Demon King, for a request to form an alliance against Viy. The Demon King agrees to help his own, provided that he himself will lead this alliance.