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Razoul is Agrabah's captain of the guard, and a neutral character in the Aladdin franchise. In spite of his ruthless personality, as well as his soft tempered attitude and large ego, he still follows the Sultan's order, without question. He is a secondary player in the third Disney Villains War, and the first Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Guarding A Prince And A Shape-Shift Demon

After the events of the second war, Razoul took Prince Phobos and Miranda as prisoners to Agrabah's prison cells. He even mocked Miranda for her useless powers. However, a nightime of patrol changed the course of events. as the sorceress Nerissa appeared in the dungeons and, using her powers, she managed to force Razoul and his guards to bow her before her, while she released Miranda from her cell, and escaped Agrabah with her.

Reporting Jafar

After that event, Razoul informed the new sultan of Agrabah, Abis Mal, and the Genie Jafar about the escape of the prisoners, including the Mukhtar's defeat at the hands of Nerissa. He also insisted that Abis Mal must use his last wish to kill their their enemies, but Jafar refused, telling him that there might be another way to deal with the sorcerers.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Heores Vs Villains War


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