Raven is one of the tricksters, a group of the Children of Oberon and a minor player in the villains tournaments. He is first featured in the Disney television show, Gargoyles.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Vs Stalker

Oberon summons the Banshee and the Raven to take down Chernabog's servant, the Stalker. Just as the duo arrive and confront the demon in a underground basement, the Raven firsts attacks the skeleton with his tomahawk weapon, only to be sent away by the Stalker's powers. Just as he recovers his powers, the Raven uses his opportunity to strike again. However, the Stalker blasts Raven with some of his magic powers, leaving his foe unconscious for the time being. Fortunately for both of the Banshee and the Raven, Oberon saves them by using his powers to break a cog, above the Stalker, crashing the demon instantly.

The Battle of Hell

Wanting to put an end in Chernabog's faction, Oberon and his remain forces strike in Hell, where they confront their opposal enemies, the Acolytes. When Raven encounters Daolon Wong, he uses his magic to summon several beasts from a totem pole, while taking at the same time his gargoyle form. However, Wong destroys the wooden beasts, without any effort. Raven then takes his tomahawk weapon, hoping to strike his opponent down, only for Wong to blast him down with two shots. The weakened Raven faces off one of Wong's minions, as a giant snake bites him, causing him to revert into his normal form. The snake then proceeds to devour the trickster alive.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Two

To see his role in this war, see Gargoyle Raven.

Bird Raven

Raven in his gargoyle form

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