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Ratigan's Thugs are the henchmen of the criminal mind, Ratigan, and the secondary villains of the Disney's animated movie, The Great Mouse Detective. While, willingly, they serve the goals of the psycopath rat, it is assumed that they worked for him though fear, since Ratigan calls upon Felicia, as a means to end for them, should someone upset or fail Ratigan. Still, they support Ratigan's shemes even at the plotlines of the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Builting a Giant Mouse Machine

While the thugs physically don't appear, it is implied, that, along with Fidget, they built the Giant Mouse of Minsk, that sends Warren and his gang in the outskirts of the NIMH colony, much to Ratigan's excitement.

Taking Control of the NIMH

When Ratigan proclaims himself, king of the NIMH, his thugs were presented in the main hall, in which Ratigan explains the terms of his new rule to his citizens. However, the Mouse King, an old enemy of Ratigan, strikes and makes a final stand against the criminal mind. While the Mouse King sends his troops to seize Ratigan, the new king orders his thugs to take care of the mice. Witnessing the chaos in the main hall, the Mouse King sneaks in to kill Ratigan personally, although at the last second, Ratigan knocks off the King from a tower to his apparent demise. Victorious at last, Ratigan proclaims himself the new king of the NIMH.

Disney Villains War

Apparently, the thugs don't appear in this war. It is unknown where they habe been during Ratigan's new era in the first war.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

During the events of the first war, Ratigan and his thugs set a trap for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemice. When they succeed they take Lilo, one of the Gentlemice's allies, into hostage, while having Stitch, Lilo's pet and guardian, inot another seperate cell. However, when Lilo and Stitch break out from their cells, Ratigan orders his thugs to attack the heroes. After the end of the fight, it is unknown what happend to the thugs, since they didn't appear in the later events of the war.

Heroes Vs Villains War