World's Greatest Criminal Mind

Professor Ratigan is a "mouse" criminal genius and the main antagonist of the Disney film The Great Mouse Detective. He is usually a secondary player in the tournaments, but displays a cruel and cunning intellect in dealing with challengers.

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Duel of Rodents

Discovering the rat city of NIMH, Ratigan makes plans to take it over as his own private kingdom. Meeting with the city's high council, he attempts to gain their trust, only to be confronted by Jenner, who believes Ratigan will threaten his own designs on power. Jenner makes the grave mistake of calling Ratigan a rat, a term capable of sending the Professr into a rage. Ratigan challenges Jenner to a duel, which Jenner accepts. He comes to battle armed with his sword, but Ratigan is prepared. Flyng into a rage, Ratigan assumes his more feral form, and kills Jenner by slashing him across the back with his claws. Although Jenner is dead, Ratigan decides to keep the killing secret, knowing the public of NIMH will never trust him if they learn what has happened.

Treachery and Response

Taking Jenner's place on the council, Ratigan begins taking steps to turn NIMH into a monarchy with himself as king. He brings in fellow criminal Warren T. Rat, who has recently deposed Prince John of England, to help him in his plans. However, Warren double-crosses Ratigan, revealing he knows of Jenner's murder and plans to release this knowledge to the public unless Ratigan makes him king of NIMH. Sending his bat crony, Fidget, out to gather materials, Ratigan builds a secret weapon, the Giant Mouse of Minsk, that he sends to attack Warren and his gang. Frightened by this war machine, Warren flees NIMH, never to return.

Cats and Mice

Another visitor arrives in NIMH in the person of the Mouse King, a tyrant who aims to bring all the mice and rats of the world under his rule. Storming Ratigan's residence with his army, the King finds himself confronted by Ratigan's latest weapon, Lucifer, whom the Professor has stolen from Lady Tremaine. The cat tears through the ranks of the Mouse King's army, badly injuring the King himself. The Mouse King retreats but vows to return, though Ratigan decides not to heed the King's warnings as he steps forward to his next plans.

Another Rebellion

A third rebellion against Ratigan's rule comes in the form of Martin Brisby, a mad scientist who also wants control of NIMH. By this time, Ratigan is finalizing his plans to become king, and, recognizing Martin poses little physical threat, he simply leaves him to die in a death-trap. As Ratigan departs in his flying machine, Martin is killed in a fiery explosion.

Duel of the Rodents II

Arriving in the NIMH council chambers, Ratigan and his henchmen seize control and the master criminal declares himself king. Just then, the Mouse King returns and attempts to take the crown for himself, taking Ratigan by suprise. The crowning then becomes a massive riot. Tiring of these uprisings, Ratigan breaks through the King's loyalists, grabs a nearby rope hanging from a chandelier, and knocks the usurper from the tower to his death. At last, supreme power is his, and Ratigan settles into his new life of royalty, with complete domination over his subjects.

Disney Villains War

Toying Around

Plotting his next big move, Ratigan finds himself in a small toy store populated with sentient toys. Asserting his authority and flaunting his power, Ratigan succeeds in striking fear into almost all the toys, with the lone exception of a Jack in the Box that has an agenda of its own. Narrowly dodging a blow from the Jack in the Box's sword, Ratigan flies into a rage and slashes at his enemy with his claws, managing to knock it into an open furnace.

Disney Villains War Rebott

Ratigan appears in the reboot series in a role similiar to the original one, although more expanded. In the series, he appears as the mastermind behind most of villains' attacks. He convinces Pete to turn against Prince John in order to fuel his agenda over England.

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