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Ratcliffe's Delusions.png

Ratcliffe's Delusions are the conjuration tricks, crafted by Ratcliffe, during the song Things Are Not What They Appear. Briefly featured in the Disney's sequel adaptation, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, the Delusions make also cameo appearances in the villains tournaments.

Disney Villains War 2

When the Evil Queen prepares a feast for her council members, she also gets an entertaining show, hosted by Ratcliffe. During the show, Ratcliffe shows some delusions of demonic spirits, amusing most of the Queen's council members, including Prince John. This is the only depiction of the delusions, crafted by Ratcliffe.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

In this war, the Delusions are crafted by Sarousch, during the perfomance at the Circus of Pleasure. He conjures some pure tricks, turning them into demonic spirits. The young audience gets frightened for the remaint show, as horrible tricks are demonstrated to the children. Some children attempt to escape, only for the spirits to block their path. The villains eventually succeed, in capturing most of the children, with the exception of Pinocchio. This the last depiction of the delusions, shown in this war, as they do not make another appearance.