Rapunzel's Tower

Rapunzel's Tower is a tall tower, located in the outskirts of the kingdom of Corona, and one of the main locations of the Disney's computer-animated film, Tangled. It appears briefly as Rapunzel's home and imprisonment, while living under Mother Gothel, before she is determined to explore Corona even further, with the help of Flynn Rider. It is also featured as the secret base of operations of Gothel as well.

Regarding the villain tournaments, the tower appears as the central stage of Mother Gothel's battles with her adversaries. In most cases, she appears alongside with Rapunzel, as her magical hair is the support of Gothel's eternal youth before it is being cut over by the villains, resulting in Gothel's demise. It also displays, to some degree, the location of the kingdom of Corona, during the events of the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains War when it is threatened by Maleficent and the forces of evil.

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