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Raptors are minor antagonists in the television series, Storm Hawks. A group of reptilian figures, who constantly duel the Sky Knights. Commanded by the authority of current Cyclonians' leader, Master Cyclonis, the Raptors play a minor role in the villains tournaments, usually having their leader, Repton, to fight for them.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

The Raptors, under the leadership of Repton, are summoned in an conducted meeting of Cyclonis, though it is suddenly interruped by Master Eraqus, who vows to eliminate Cyclonis' era. Hopefully for her, Cyclonis manages to take him out with her dark energy. Soon enough, the Raptors recieve a message from Lord Shen, an ally of Cyclonis. The peacock then has Repton to achieve a task; eliminate the rebel of Pitch Black's council, Hopper. Repton then arrives in Hopper's lair, in full force, taunting Hopper about his recent actions. Despite recieving the first blow, Repton does not give up. However, he is underestimated by Hopper's cunning, as he topples a giant grain upon him, toppling him from a cliff to his apparent demise. The Raptors are not seen again, since their leader's fall.

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