Queen Tuya is the wife and consort of Pharaoh Seti I, and a neutral character in the Dreamworks-animated movie The Prince of Egypt. A mother-figure to her son Rameses II, and of her adoptive son, Moses, Queen Tuya shows a good personality, opposal to her husband's personality. Despite that she is not a trully villain in heart, she makes a brief appearance in the early events of Disney vs. Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Pre War: The Harsh Rule Of Mumm-Ra

Prior to the events of the war, Queen Tuya and Pharaoh Seti had give birth a child, which he would be the Pharaoh Rameses II in the future. They lived a normal life, until their High Priest, Mumm-Ra, rebel against them by enslaving the people of Egypt, and worshiping the spirits of ancient evil.  At all the cost to stop the the sorcerer's activities and protect his own family, Pharaoh Seti, along with his wife, were imprisoned and enslaved under the harsh rule of the feline cat. However, their son, Rameses, who was a youthfull teenager in his age, escaped from the claws of Mumm-Ra and sought help from the dark goddess, Mirage, explaining to her the situation of his parents and his people. Although the sorceress refused to help him, she changed her mind when he told her, that Mumm-Ra was praising the ancient spirits of evil, which they were banished from the Oberati, years ago.

Finally Free

After a frontal attack on Mumm-Ra's forces, with the help of Mirage and the High Priests of Egypt, Hotep and Huy, Rameses managed to free his parents, while defeating the rest of Mumm-Ra's Army. The fates of the queen and the pharaoh after these events are unknown, but it may assumed that they lived a normal life and died peacefully, leaving the throne of Egypt to their son, Rameses.

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