The Raven of Queen Grimhilde is a minor character in the Disney animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In spite of his limited screen time appearance, the Raven's influence inspired other familiars of many other villains, to be shown in the Disney merchandise, modeled after his appearance and characteristics, including Maleficent's raven, Diablo. The Raven briefly appears in the Disney vs. Marvel Villains War, in the Animated vs. Video Game Villains War and in the Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

A Horror Action

The Raven appears briefly in one of the major villains tournaments. When the Evil Queen rips out the heart of Doctor Facilier, the Raven was shown in the scene, terrifying of the Queen's action. The Raven didn't make any appearance furthermore.

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Messenger of the Evil Queen

In this tournament, the Raven has a supportive role. When the Evil Queen, in the form of an old hag, was fearfull that her enemies will may attack her, she sends her pet as a messenger to her only person left, who can help her, Lord Maliss. The Raven doesn't appear afterwards.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Following the Evil Queen

The Raven appears in this war, although at first he has the same role as he had in the original movie, by witnessing the Queen's transformation into an old hag. Later, the Raven witness the fate of the Horned King, one of the Evil Queen's allies, as he is sucked into the Black Cauldron, while at the same time spots the Evil Queen, escaping from the castle. Following the demise of the Horned King, the Evil Queen makes her way out of the Horned King's castle, as the Raven and some vultures decide to go after her.

The Raven's Original Identity

In the final events of the war, it was revealed the original indentity of the Raven. Instead of following the Evil Queen, the Raven spies on some heroes, who were discussing about the situation of the sleeping princess, Snow White. Merlin sees the Raven and realises the Raven's original identity. He breaks the spell on him, turning the Raven into the Prince. The Prince then breaks the spell of Sleeping's enchament of Snow White, with a true love's kiss, awakening the princess from her slumber. Later, Snow White, the Prince and the Seven Dwarves celebrate for their reunion.

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