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Evil Queen of Germany

Queen Grimhilde (also known as the Evil Queen), is a minor player in the first Disney vs Non Disney Villains war and the first Disney Villains War, only to become a major player in the Marvel War. Her role expands in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

A vain and cruel yet young, very attractive, regally and unbearably beautiful and insanely sexy queen, she is the first villain to appear in a Disney animated film, the 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Of all the Disney villains, she is one of few recognized for villainy outside her Disney context, being ranked as the 10th best cinematic villain by the American Film Institute.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War


For a kid named Maliss, the young prince of the Enchanted Kingdom was actually quite a sweet kid. When he was five years old, he was introduced to his newly birthed sister, Grimhilde. He had no clue as he looked at the sleeping infant, he'd one day be pitted aganist her.

Maliss and Grimhilde lived rather peaceful lives as young royals, their respective descents did not occur until Grimhilde was fifteen years old. A large ball was to occur in honor of her brother's birthday. She decided to look for an escort, and decided to propose the idea to a young man she had been admiring for some time named Harrison. Harrison turned her down, calling her ugly.

Being called ugly took a massive toll on Grimhilde. Every day, Grimhilde would enjoy an apple with her mother in the courtyard, and her mother ha dalways called her fairest one of all. Could she be wrong? Grimhilde began spending hours in her washroom, plucking and pulling from her face. She'd starve herself for days on end. It was only thanks to an incredibly loyal servant named Felix she was able to hide her disorders from her family.

The ball eventually came, and Grimhilde had altered herself drastically. She was far more thin and had highly changed her own face. She once again offered her hand to Harrison, who once again refused. Harrison would only be interested in Grimhilde if she was an heir to the throne. However, it was Maliss who was next in line.

Grimhilde's already rather broken mind pieced together a new mentality over time. No matter how hard you'd work, you only mattered if you were at the top. She would matter, she cared not of the cost.

Grimhilde hoarded a number of spell books and spent days studying curses and hexes. Once again, her study of witchcradt was successfully kept a secret by Felix. Her first victim was her father. With a rather simple, low level hex, Grimhilde gave her father a very quick, painless passing in his sleep.

The kingdom was devastated, particularly Maliss and his mother. Maliss decided to rummage around for his father's old belongings, and he stumbled upon some of Grimhilde's spell books. He decided, for precaution's sake, to memorize a number of spells himself.

The next phase of Grimhilde's plan started with her mother. She dipped her apple in the potion of the Sleeping Death, and of course, the grieving, unexpecting woman took a bite, and soon afterward, joined her husband. Fact of the matter was, Grimhilde soon realized that her mother took a bite before calling her daughter "fairest of all" as she always did. Grimhilde would spend the rest of her life scavenging for that approval.

Maliss, astonished, studied the apple, and noticied a ghastly scent about it. His study of Grimhilde's books led him to the conclusion that this was the Sleeping Death.

Maliss confronted his sister, and challenged her. Grimhilde gladly agreed to finish the conflict. The two fought, and Maliss proved to be the superior weaver of magic. Maliss prepared to deal the killing blow, blasting a plasma bolt at Grimhilde with intent to destroy the wicked usurper. However, Felix once again intervened, jumping in front of Grimhilde and taking the hit, disintegrating him instantly. An enraged Grimhilde felt a force come to her that allowed her to conjure enough magic to send Maliss flying out the castle window and a fair distance away.

Grieving for her one, true friend, Grimhilde desperately performed several spells hoping to catch hold of anything that was left of Felix. It was a green powder that brought life to what little remained of Felix's soul. Felix was fading, and would disappear if he ha dno physical form soon. Grimhilde acted fast and sealed his spirit inside a Mirror. Felix would continue to serve Grimhilde as long as he existed.

As new queen, Grimhilde ordered Maliss into exile, framing him for her parents' murders. The kingdom took a dark descent under her reign. Grimhilde largely employed the kingdom's criminals and wicked creatures. She sympathised with the outcasts. Her first order of buisness was calling Harrison before her. Harrison offered himself to the Queen with an apology. Grimhilde responded by ordering his execution. Harrison was pulled screaming out of the throne room by Grimhilde's enforcers, The Big Bad Wolf and Willie the Giant, and that was the last anyone saw of him. Many would fear the new Queen.

Meanwhile, Maliss, aware he was not allowed back, spent several years in the wilderness. He made the wolves his friends, as his heart grew darker with time as he practiced magic in the forest. Maliss eventually came across a race of goblins that he quite easily asseretd power over and took control of, becoming Lord Maliss. He wants nothing more tha revenge on his sister.

Fall to Rasputin

During the Non-Disney War, Queen Grimhilde suspects Rasputin of planning to overthrow her kingdom and has him banished. The wicked lich takes his revenge by turning the Queen into a hag, and then summoning a lightning bolt to destroy her. The Queen tries to escape, only to fall off a cliff to a presumed death. 

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Queen Grimhilde's form, as a hag

A Child-Killer

Unbeknownst to Rasputin, Grimhilde survives her fall. Living in hiding, she outlives most of the combatants of the first war, only to emerge in the second. With her castle taken over by her brother, Lord Maliss, Queen Grimhide joins Maleficent's faction. She requests that Maleficent restore her beauty and power, but Maleficent denies her request. However, Maleficent does offer her a chance at redemption. As Pharaoh Rameses was responsible for Maleficent's defeat in Egypt during the first war, Maleficent wants the Queen to take away that which Rameses holds most dear.

The Queen, taking the order to heart, prepares one of her signature poison apples. This time, however, her spell is not beholden unto true love's first kiss; the apple is absolutely toxic. After wading through the Nile, the Queen discovers the pharaoh's young son. Guileful as ever, the Queen tempts him into tasting the apple. As the boy dies, she cackles with glee. The Queen returns from her mission, having murdered the young boy undetected.

A Joyous Victory

The Queen rejoices in the death of Ruber along with the rest of Maleficent's forces. She does, however, rejoin the fray during the Battle of the Forbidden Moutains. Just as Maleficent scores a victory, Grimhilde traps Skeletor's generals inside the mountains, leaving them vulnerable to capture and imprisonment.

A New Alliance

After an attack from Hordak, the Forbidden Mountains are utterly leveled. Maleficent is presumed dead, and her faction is in despair. With this, Queen Grimhilde decides to take her leave. She travels to the remains of the Forbidden Mountains, encountering Lady Tremaine. Tremaine obliges the Queen's request: she, unlike Maleficent, will restore Grimhilde's youth. Now empowered, the Queen helps Tremaine unleash Queen Narissa from the rubble. The three enchantresses forma new alliance.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

During the third war, Lady Tremaine, Narissa and The Queen want to take back her old kingdom. However, the remains of Ruber and Azula's alliance: Darkheart, Wizard of Wonderland and, her brother, Maliss. Darkheart attempts to attack her by turning into his true form but she traps him inside a box and locks him inside. After a small battle, Maliss escapes from the castle and the three take over.

Bringing Back the Queen of Hearts

Due to the death of the Wizard of Wonderland during their battle, The witches bring back the Queen of Hearts and make an alliance with Wonderland.

The Wedding

During a wedding between a disguised Anastasia (as Cinderella) and Lawrence (as Prince Naveen) to finish a contract with Dr. Facilier. However, the wedding gets Crashed by Rameses, who wants to get revenge on Grimhilde. She then says that the death of his child was meaningless to her and that she has done far worse. He attempts to kill her but her magic takes him down. Then Maliss and Kent Mansley crash the wedding and rescue Rameses and create distractions. However, Maliss is turned into stone by Grimhilde. But Mansley and Rameses escape.

Disney Villains War

Queen Grimhilde's appearance in the CGI universe

Losing the kingdom

At her castle in Germany, Grimhilde summons Lady Tremaine to her court, accusing Tremaine of plotting against her. Tremaine freely admits to her treachery, revealing that she has planned for this and has laid a trap for the Queen. Unveiling a powerful magic wand, Tremaine casts a spell on Grimhilde that transforms her into a hideous hag. Fleeing into the wilderness, Grimhilde is pursued by Tremaine, who summons a bolt of lightning that blasts Grimhilde off a cliff to her death.

Disney Villains War 2

Teaming with Dr.Facilier

Facilier found himself in Queen Grimhilde's old castle, where he was stunned to find the Queen herself alive and well, having hidden away after her apparent death in the first war. Seeing a potential ally, Facilier used his magic to restore Grimhilde's beauty and undo Tremaine's old curse.

Creating her plan

Upset that her disappearance had not changed much in the course of the first war and believing that the world had forgotten her true power, the vain Queen Grimhilde tasked Doctor Facilier with once again contacting Frollo and securing his services.

The assault of Mcabeth

Deciding to liberate Frollo's enemies and secure their services, Grimhilde assaulted Macbeth's Scottish castle. Unfortunately for Macbeth, his forces were outnumbered by those of the Queen's as her forces began a siege on the castle with catapults. Despite his efforts, Macbeth's forces were overwhelmed by the Queen's as they stormed the castle and helped the prisoners escape. Prince John managed to break out of the prison as the Headless Horseman attacked Macbeth's Guards. Prince John's forces, who had also been broken out, joined the fight aganist Macbeth as the Queen watched over the battle. Meanwhile, Duke Igthorn also broke out of his cell as the Sheriff of Nottingham set fire to the castle. Macbeth managed to escape with his wife by sneaking out through a drainage duct as Prince John mocked him and swore vengeance.

Meeting Narissa

Having been separated from Facilier during the interdimensional travel, Narissa at last tracked him down to Grimhilde's castle. Meeting with the queen, Narissa asked for the return of her ally, but Grimhilde refused, saying that Facilier was her servant now. Narissa departed, vowing to return later to take Facilier by force.

Decide to finish her enemies

The Magic Mirror informed Grimhilde of the fate of Humbert, and she placed the blame squarely on Ratcliffe's shoulders. Infuriated with his failure, she demoted him, elevating Facilier to his place as second-in-command. Ratcliffe decided to take his men and desert the queen, but that night he was approached by an old beggar, who told Ratcliffe that he might be able to amass enough wealth to depose Grimhilde and take her place.

In her castle in England, Queen Grimhilde called together her allies, including Prince John, Sarousch, Ratcliffe, Igthorn, Facilier, and Hoagy to discuss Frollo's offensive against them. In the middle of the meeting, Facilier, Hoagy, and Ratcliffe slipped out to see to their own agendas.

Teaming with Jafar

Bringing Abis Mal with him to England, Jafar allied himself with Grimhilde in return for her aid against Phobos.

A festival

Seeing that tensions were growing among her allies, Queen Grimhilde held a feast in her English castle to put them more at ease. However, when Ratcliffe's jesters began mocking Facilier for his defeat at the hands of the Horned King and the perceived loss of his magic, Facilier's resentment boiled over and he revealed the return of his Friends on the Other Side. Seeking to make Grimhilde pay for making him her pawn, Facilier had the Friends drive her insane. In her madness, Grimhilde saw Ratcliffe as a hideous muck monster and Prince John as a demonic cat, before believing she had turned back into her hag form. With the festivities in chaos, Facilier disappeared to seek out Narissa.

Teaming with Maleficent

Back in England, Maleficent arrived as Grimhilde continued to languish in her madness. Brushing off Ratcliffe's attempt to seize her, Maleficent restored Grimhilde's sanity in exchange for her servitude. Reluctantly, Grimhilde accepted.

Final Battle

In England, Frollo arrived at the head of a French army ready to take back his territories from Grimhilde. Hun archers fired down on the Huntsclan and Foreign Legion soldiers, who returned fire, managing to drive the Huns back. Ratcliffe led an army of ogres into the fray, only to be pushed back by the French militia and Foreign Legion. Maleficent arrived on the scene, blasting a cliffside and causing a rockfall which killed several Huntsclan warriors. Mechanicles arrived, piloting a giant centipede robot, but taking a lesson from Maleficent, Ratcliffe trained his guns on the cliffs and buried the robot before it could attack. One of the segments suddenly sprang to life and attacked Captain Hook's pirates, but they fired a cannonball into its exhaust port, destroying it. As Frollo started breaking in the gates of Grimhilde's castle, Ratcliffe tried to take him down with a rifle, but McLeach came to Frollo's defense, just as Ratcliffe turned his weapon on Hook. Ratcliffe's attempted treachery was short lived, however, as Hook's pirates vengefully attacked him. Sarousch tried to lend his aid to Ratcliffe, but Shan Yu seized him and slit his throat. More of Mechanicles' centipede segments attacked, but Igthorn's ogres managed to destroy them. The centipede's head, with Mechanicles himself inside, rose from the rubble, sprouted wings, and attacked the ogres before shooting down Igthorn himself. Maleficent decided to end the battle, summoning a rain of fire that decimated the French and English troops, causing Shan Yu and Mechanicles to flee, though Mechanicles' craft had been damaged and crash-landed in the wilderness. At that moment, the Horned King's Cauldron Born arrived, driving Pete and the rest of the armies from the battlefield. Frollo managed to hack his way through the gates, going to confront his enemies alone.

As the battle for England reached its fever pitch, Frollo searched the castle for Queen Grimhilde and Prince John, determined to end the war single-handedly. The Sheriff of Nottingham, seeking to defend his master, chased after Frollo with a torch, knocking him to the ground. Frollo brought out his sword as Captain Hook caught up to the two. Meanwhile, higher up in the castle, John and Grimhilde turned on Maleficent, angered at how she had killed their own forces just as readily as Frollo's. As the castle was engulfed in flames, Frollo and the Sheriff duelled, with Frollo gaining the upper hand and knocking the wolf off his feet before continuing upwards. As Maleficent faced the betrayal of her allies, she used her magic to transform Grimhilde back into her hag form for real, just as Frollo burst into the room, quickly followed by Hook. John sent his guardsmen to seize Maleficent, but she transformed herself into her dragon form. As Frollo and Hook's duel took them out onto the balcony, Maleficent attacked and slew John, devouring him whole. As Maleficent breathed fire throughout the chamber, accelerating the inferno already burning below, Grimhilde searched through one of her spellbooks for a spell that could defeat Maleficent. As Frollo prepared to strike Hook a final blow, Grimhilde found the spell and began casting it, knocking Frollo off his perch atop a gargoyle. In his madness, Frollo believed the gargoyle had come to life, and the castle exploded in a torrent of fire and magic, apparently killing everyone inside.

Disney Villains War 3

Secret ally

Mozenwrath in the meantime checked up on his mysterious benefactor into taking the Horned King down once and for all.

Talking with Mozenrath

Mozenrath and his special guest Grimhilde gloated over the start of their plans of conquest for most of the world as they planned for Mozenrath to make sure the Horned King's meeting with Jafar would go wrong and get the two at each other's throats as Grimhilde revealed they were also working with Nerissa.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Losing the Throne

While spending her rule as "Queen of Germany", Grimhilde is suddenly ambushed by one of her rivals, the rogue aristocrat Lady Tremaine, who was teleported to the castle through the aid of a magic wand. Not taking surprise visits very well, Grimhilde demands Tremaine to leave her be. When the tactic fails, Grimhilde resorts to brute force, transforming Lucifer into a goose hybrid. When Lady Tremaine unveils her magic wand, Grimhilde attempts to make a stand, only for Tremaine to transform her into an old hag. Accepting defeat, Grimhilde departs from the castle, leaving it at the hands of her enemy.

Alliance with the Horned King

After losing the crown, Grimhilde finds refuge at the Horned King's citadel where she proposen an offer of alliance with the king. Having been aware of Tremaine's ascension and fearing for usurpation, the Horned King gladly accepts her into his faction. He then makes advances to the Forbidden Mountain, hoping to take out Maleficent, whom he considers a great foe. Though the King fails in his tactics, Grimhilde has better results, assimilating Mozenrath into the King's faction.

Queen Grimhilde's form, as a hag in the universe CGI

Disney vs Marvel Villains

An Early Death

Having disguised herself as a hag, Grimhilde manages to poison and kill Snow White. As she leaves her victim's cottage, however, she witnesses the arrival of Electro, sent by Red Skull to kill the queen. Grimhilde climbs up a mountain, frantically trying to escape. As Electro ascends the mountain in pursuit, the Queen tries to crush him with a massive boulder. The plan fails miserably, as Electro blasts the rock face underneath Grimhilde, sending her falling to her death.

Back to Life

Grimhilde ends up resurrected, as the Horned King enlists Lady Tremaine and Doctor Facilier to help him. The Queen takes up a leadership position in the alliance, but she finds her need for control threatened by the Horned King's dominance. She thus schemes with Magneto to get rid of him. Knowing that she needs to keep up appearances, she helps Facilier summon the Headless Horseman to protect the Horned King from Deadpool, but she continues to scheme in the shadows.

Taking Control

Not wanting to play second fiddle to the Horned King, Queen Grimhilde makes a deal with Magneto: terminate the Horned King in exchange for a powerful alliance. So to create an opportunity for Magneto to assassinate her superior, Queen Grimhilde feeds the Horned King false information about the rise of the Mandarin; the Horned King plays directly into her hands, sending his two elite bodyguards to take out the threat. Both bodyguards fall to the forces of the Mandarin, and the unguarded Horned King is easy prey to Magneto and his forces. Queen Grimhilde thus asserts her authority over Facilier and Tremaine, bringing in Cruella de Vil to act as her second-in-command.

Queen Grimhilde as Queen Regina in the Live-Action Universe

Disney vs Marvel Villains - Part Two

With the second war coming up... But then again, Facilier will be shocked to realize that when Hela took over the Underworld and let the souls of dead villains free, Queen Grimhilde was among those released villains. Then again...he won't, because Grimhilde used a magic portal in Narissa's castle to send herself and Cruella to the live-action universe apart from now Grimhilde has a new look. It is here that she battles Blackheart with much difficulty, before deciding to abandon the battle to escape with her life. Seeing as this place could hold possible allies for her to recruit in order to defeat Blackheart, the Queen recruited Barbossa, Koragg, Necrolai, Kal, and the Sanderson Sisters Winnie, Mary and Sarah to her new alliance, hoping to use them to take over the Live-Action Realm and take down the spawn of Mephisto once and for all.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part Three

Disney vs Anime Villains

Teaming with Captain Hook

Captain Hook arrives at his Queen Castle, but once arriving Grimhilde is in a different form. But still the Captain obeys Grimhilde and the queen orders  Hook to go and form an alliance with an old friend of the past.

Asking for help

Grimhilde contacts Dr. Facilier the voodoo doctor, to help her to recover her beauty, but Facilier wants nothing more than Snow White's body. The Queen seeing not other option agrees to give the body and Facilier helps Grimhillde with his little problem.

On Notre Dame

Back in Paris, Queen Grimhilde finally arrives much to everyone's pleasant surprise and much for Pete's envy.

New Allies

Back in Paris the Queen introduces two new allies, which Frollo wants to see if they have a good use along with Captain Hook by sending them to eliminate a collector.

Freeing an old player

Grimhilde brings Dr. Facilier's Tomb in his castle requested by Lady Tremaine, remembering his deal Tremaine revives Facilier, the doctor surprised and explains to Tremaine what happened to him and about his plan to avenge Hades, the Mirror over hears and show's to Facilier that Hades is still alive, surprised Tremaine decides to help the Doctor to get his revenge but somebody is spying on them.


In Paris Maleficent arrives and decides to forge and alliance with Frollo. As Ratcliffe is in charge, Grimhilde, and his allies turn down the offer. As Maleficent get's insulted by mere mortal's the Mistress of All Evil decides to reveal Grimhilde's secret: That she is a witch using the black arts for her own ambitions, Ratcliffe orders to trap the evil fairy, giving a chance to the evil Queen and Hook to escape.

Trying to kill Maleficent

Grimhilde, now impressed about Chaos' power but she still wats more allies if she wants to defeat Maleficent and decides to send Hook to another world to get her the most powerful recruits of that world.Back at Devimon's Fortress the remaining legendary warriors talk about the real threat to their plans, as Grimhilde and Babidi appear in front of Devimon trying to form an alliance, at first Devimon rejects the offer but Grimhilde convince Devimon about the real enemy: Maleficent. With the Mirror Devimon thinks twice and accepts but Mercurymon doesn't think the same as he confronts his master Mercurymon leaves and vows to return an take his rightful place as leader.


Grimhilde goes on his way to ask to his mirror of Babidi's success, but the Mirror it doesn't seem what he used to be. The queen now finds herself in Mercurymon's domain as the Warrior of Steel decides to reveal his true intentions, the first chapter: Grimhilde's death.

Plan to escape

In Hell, Grimhilde's master in his shadow form has plans with her for his return to the world.Chernabog's shadow wants to return to the human world and return to his body, Grimhilde uses his magic to send the shadow into the body of a living been. Cherny reveals that she will be reunited with his husband .

Reuniting with her husband

In Hell Frollo arrives and meets up with Grimhilde as, the new ruler of hell is ready to start their eternal torments.

Queen Grimhilde as Queen Ravenna in the Live-Action Universe in Disney vs Anime Villains War

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part Two


In Hell, the Horned King now puts a special torment to some souls to fight and kill their loves. But as this keeps goin Joker frees the demonic Power returning back to Hell, as opens a Portal taking some souls away.

Teaming with King Ryuunwon

King Ryuuwon gets the visit of Grimhilde, wanting to help her in her quest while Priest Gajah doesn't trust her. Once the name "Chernabog" is heard the King seems to be more interested in helping her.

Battle of Narnia

After so long, the Orgs make their move to conquer everything for themselves. And as a appetizer Narnia is the beginning. The three highnesses invade Narnia and seek to destroy it's ruler, while both sides are toe to toe the Orgs have a trick up their sleeve but what both sides don't know is that someone is waiting for his moment...

Talking with her master

Grimhilde speaks with his master with the Magic Mirror, but their meeting seems to be interrupted by the God of War of Hell. Seeking to find Lucifer, Grimhilde's Master feels that Amon could be what he needs to occupy Lucifer from his return.

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

Talking with Rasputin

Wanting to test out one of Nightmare Enterprises' monsters. Dedede ordered Bugsy to go cause some havoc. The huge bug found himself at Grimhilde's Castle, where she and her 2nd in command Rasputin were talking.

Offering something to Lady Tremaine

After proving herself worthy, Queen Grimhilde offered Lady Tremaine a powerful magic wand. Her first order was to destroy the one who sent a monster to attack her. Termaine and her daughters set off to find King Dedede.

Against King Dedede's Forces

While planning to deal with Dedede once and for all, Rasputin noticed a strange and sudden snow storm outside the castle. Queen Grimhilde ordered Rasputin to investigate. Once he left the castle, he discovered that the source of the storm was the Ice Dragon, now at its full size. He got ready to battle the monster, but unfortunately for him; he stepped on thin ice. With a mighty stomp, the Ice Dragon broke the ice and sent him to his death. With Rasputin gone, Dedede ordered his Waddle Dee troops to invade the castle and find a way for him and his minions to enter. Tremaine and the queen saw their invasion, and the Queen ordered Tremaine to dispose of him. Once Dedede got inside the castle, he ordered his troops to attack Tremaine, but she defeated them easily. With the power of her wand, she summoned a monster to aid her. Before it could strike, Meta-Knight rushed to the rescue and destroyed the monster with his trusty sword. After seeing how powerful Meta-Knight was, Lady Tremaine and her daughters decided to retreat. Dedede ordered his troops to search for them in case they were still in the castle. The Queen asked the Mirror how her minions were doing and the Mirror informed her that Rasputin was dead, and Tremaine had abandoned her. The Mirror advised a retreat and that she disguise herself before they found her. Escargoon and Dedede spotted the Queen as she went to her secret chamber. Dedede followed the Queen, eager to smash her with his mallet. Yet when he arrived, the Queen changed into a hideous hag and frightened the king. As the king ran away, the Queen retreated through a secret passage before Dedede realized that the Queen was getting away.

Meeting an old friend

Seeking a way to get back at Dedede, Grimhilde met up with her old friend Stormella and asked her to take out of one of the factors in her downfall: the Ice Dragon. Stormella agreed, and confronted the Dragon.

Her New Quest to Bring Back Queen Narissa

After Stormella's victory against the Ice Dragon. Grimhilde goes to Narissa to seek her help as well, only to find her dead body. Surprised, Grimhilde starts to look up a spell to revive her...

Queen Grimhilde tries to bring back her friend with a spell in her book and a magic potion. Though instead of Narissa being reborn here, she is reborn in another dimension.

Hunting King Dedede

Grimhilde makes a magic apple that can finally kick King Dedede out of her castle, but when the King notices her trying to plant it, Grimhilde goes all out as Arburtus is born from the apple.


When Stormella takes much too long to return and Queen Grimhilde becomes worried. Fearing that Dedede has struck again, she hastily sends a message to the only person left who can help her.

Final Battle

Sensing an upcoming attack, Grimhilde retreats into her castle to create something to increase her power, and leaves Arbutus to guard her castle. But when Dedede attacks with three brand new monsters, will Arbutus and Grimhilde be enough to take him down even with a new advantage, or will they need help from an outside source?

Pokemon Heores vs Disney and Non Disney Villains

Hiring Shan Yu

The Evil Queen hires Shan-Yu to take out a very rare Pokémon that could be posed as a pretty big threat.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War


In recent years, Maleficent, her soul damned to the Underworld after her death, managed to recover enough of her power to access the palace of Hades, the god of the dead. Having gotten Hades' attention, Maleficent told him that she had been planning a scheme to gather the forces of darkness throughout the world to usher in a new age of evil.

Vs Beast

Tasked with capturing another princess for Maleficent's plot, Queen Grimhilde consulted her Magic Mirror to find a suitable prize. Told that Belle might suit her purposes, the Queen set out for the French chateau where she lived with the animalistic Beast. Grimhilde's arrival terrified Belle and the Beast's servants, but the Beast went to stop her. Before he could attack, the evil queen used magic to trick the Beast into believing that she was the Enchantress that had first turned him into a beast. Grimhilde demanded that the Beast stand down, or she would never allow the curse to be lifted. The Beast reluctantly complied, and Grimhilde departed with Belle.

New allies

As Cruella returned to her base in an old dog pound, where many of the captured animal heroes were being held, she and her ally the criminal Madam Medusa were approached by Queen Grimhilde, who offered them a place at her side should the war turn against them.They were not the only ones inspired by the events of the breakout, as Frollo, impressed with Shan Yu's prowess in combat, made the Hun his commander-in-chief, unaware that Shan Yu already answered to Queen Grimhilde.

Negociating with Horned King

Queen Grimhilde paid a visit to the Horned King in his citadel, offering an alliance with him, but he refused, saying that the Black Cauldron had all the power he needed. Grimhilde was infuriated by this rejection and left, swearing to make the King and his allies pay. As Grimhilde returned to her castle, still stewing after the meeting with the Horned King. Her allies, particularly Facilier, told her to forget the King for the moment and concentrate on the heroes. Facilier demonstrated his powers to Grimhilde by turning his lackey Lawrence, with the use of his magic talisman, into a doppleganger of the handsome Prince Naveen, one of Facilier's earlier victims. Intrigued, Grimhilde ordered Lawrence to use his disguise to infiltrate the group of heroes joining up with Phoebus.

Vs Aladdin and Hercules's Forces

Traveling through a desolate mountain range shrouded in mist, Pooh and his friends saw Aladdin flying through the sky on the Flying Carpet. Curious, they followed him to the resistance's hidden lair where Aladdin and Hercules returned from scouting the area.As Queen Grimhilde arrived, a barrage of arrows from over the ridge sent the heroes running for cover. As Hercules confronted Grimhilde, she summoned her secret weapon: a deadly T-Rex. The heroes began to fall back with Shan Yu, the Huns, and the T-Rex in pursuit.Hero and villain alike found themselves in the path of the avalanche and retreated, though Shan Yu and his Huns could not escape fast enough to avoid being buried.

Accepting Cruella's offer

Meanwhile, as Shan Yu and a few other Hun warriors who had survived the avalanche returned to Grimhilde, they found Cruella, Medusa, and Edgar seeking an audience with the Queen. With their own plans in shambles, they decided to cast their lot in with Grimhilde.

Teaming with Clayton

At the same time, Clayton approached Queen Grimhilde looking to join her faction. He also spoke to Cruella and Madame Medusa about forming their own hunting party to rival McLeach's. Eager to save face with Maleficent after losing their captives to the Disney Dogs and Cats, they agreed.

Vs Hercules's Forces

Moving the Black Cauldron into Castle Grimhilde, the Horned King decided the time was right to show Grimhilde the Cauldron's true purpose, awakening the undead warriors known as the Cauldron Born.They didn't have long to mourn, as the King and Grimhilde's other soldiers emerged from the castle to reinforce the Cauldron Born.

Transforming herself

As battle raged in her castle, Queen Grimhilde retreated to her alchemical labs. Knowing the siege would end in defeat for her forces, she decided to cut her losses, mixing a potion that would disguise her while she made her escape. As her raven familiar watched in horror, Grimhilde imbibed the potion and was transformed into a hideous old hag.

Killing Horned King

As the castle threatened to collapse, the heroes made to escape, but the Horned King would not be beaten so easily. Seizing Aladdin, the King was about to kill him in revenge, but Queen Grimhilde suddenly arrived in her hag form, knocking her hated rival into the path of the imploding Cauldron. As Aladdin and the cackling Grimhilde escaped, the King was torn apart by the Cauldron's dark power.

Mysterious Mission

Meanwhile, in Germany, Queen Grimhilde snuck through the countryside on her own mysterious mission.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two

Queen Grimhilde, posing as the Enchantress, while fighting the Beast, during the early events of Disney Heroes vs. Villains War.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Disney Vs Comics War

Disney vs Cartoon Villains War

Vs Mum'Ra

Lord Ozai sent Mum'Ra to kill an evil queen. After Mum'Ra realise a monster, Queen Grimhilde and transform herself into an old lady and left her castle,only to Mum'Ra to take her home.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

An intruder

The Mirror reveal to Evil Queen that an intruder arrive to kill her. She was shocked to see the transformation of Mumm-Ra, so she disguised herself into an old lady and leaving the castle. Mumm-Ra then decide to rule her kingdom.

Teaming with Lord Ozai

The Evil Queen after escaping from Mumm-Ra teams up with Ozai and Azula.Lord Ozai decide to reveal his uprising plan to his newest allies, Queen Grimhilde and Aku.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

Villains War (Saverio Gamba)

Vs Lady Tremaine

The Evil Queen sends her newest recruit, Lady Tremaine to go and take out three villanesses who betrayed her.The Evil Queen, discovering that Lady Tremaine has failed in her task of killing the Dazzlings, exiles her from Germany, but the noblewoman decides to take away the thing that she possesses: her "beauty".

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Disney Vs Marvel and DC Villains War

Vs Mysterio

After recruiting Pete and the Queen of Hearts, Frollo asked his guards to escort them to the meeting place with the other allies, while he decided to pay a visit to Queen Grimhilde to ask her to join his alliance, she accepts the proposal since even his kingdom is at risk, in fact at that moment Mysterio arrives who, having learned of Frollo's presence, decides to kill two birds with one stone, conquering the kingdom and eliminating the judge, the two then begin to fight with the sword, but when the evil ruler decides to help her ally in times of trouble, she could say goodbye to something she loves so much.

Villains War (Disney Knights)

Teaming with Vetrix

After chasing Rasputin away, Vetrix reaches the castle of Queen Grimhilde with whom he wants to create an alliance to counter the forces of Maleficent. Furthermore, the masked duelist asked the wicked queen to resurrect her old ally: Rothbart.

Teaming with Yzma and Tzekel Khan

Quinton is angry with Quattro for losing Trey during the confrontation between Maleficent and Rasputin. Grimhilde, Rothbart and Vetrix silence the two brothers saying that this is a provocation by the group of Maleficent to force them to attack the Forbidden Mountains by falling into their trap. Meanwhile, Yzma and Tzekel Kan arrive at Grimhilde's castle to ask the queen for help to take revenge on Madam Mim and Ruber. Four volunteers to help Yzma and Tzekel Kan as he wants to make up for the mess against Maleficent and Rasputin. Grimhilde agrees to his decision.

Vs Frollo

The Magic Mirror informs Vetrix and Grimhilde that not only has Quinton been eliminated but Frollo has refused Vetrix's mandatory summons. Grimhilde decides to go and punish the judge for her opposition.

Prepared for the final battle

After helping Yzma and Tzekel Kan to humiliate Mim, Quattro returns to Grimhilde's castle, who along with Rothbart welcome the young duelist very well. But Tron, still shaken by the loss of Quinton and Frollo's rejection, feels that his powers are waning painfully as Naga predicted. Then the crazed masked duelist takes off his mask and orders his entire alliance to launch the decisive attack on the Forbidden Mountains. Although Quattro and Rothbart say it's madness, Vetrix threatens that anyone in his alliance unwilling to attack Maleficent's alliance will be destroyed immediately. Then seeing that Vetrix has now gone mad Four, Grimhilde and Rothbart plan that if the battle goes badly they will abandon Tron to his fate.

Vs Maleficent's Forces

Vetrix is determined to eliminate Maleficent and her alliance once and for all to prevent the loss of all her powers and rule the world of evil together with her allies Grimhilde, Rothbart and Quattro (who meanwhile plan the betrayal). Maleficent, Rasputin and King Koopa (Bowser) will be able to resist the attack of the invaders and dominate the whole world of evil.

Next move

After abandoning Vetrix to his fate, Grimhilde and Four propose to return to the queen's castle where the Magic Mirror can provide information on the next moves of the two against Maleficent.

Villains War 2 (Disney Knights)

Searching for old allies

2 months after the humiliation suffered against Maleficent, Queen Grimhilde (aged) and Quattro engage the witch Hazel to send her in search of Yzma and Tzekel Kan, who, according to the evil queen, can still be useful to their plans. Hazel sets off on the search right away.

Hunting Maleficent

Witch Hazel manages to bring Yzma and Tzekel Khan back to Grimhilde's castle, who along with Quattro is very happy to see her old allies again. After Quattro uses the power of her crest to make her young again, Grimhilde is ready to attack the Forbidden Mountains. Just then the Magic Mirror informs the evil Queen's alliance that Maleficent is in the 3d world and Aku is the new master of the Forbidden Mountain. Grimhilde then decides to go to the 3d world to chase the mistress of all evil, entrusting Quattro with the government of the alliance during her absence. Vetrix's youngest son Yzma, Tzekel Kan and Hazel will now have to deal with Aku's alliance.

In another dimension

Upon reaching the 3d world, Grimhilde runs into Obscurio, Armageddon and Devilfenix, all of whom want to know if she is a Maleficent spy. The queen explains that she is not an ally of the mistress of all evil, but rather wants to get revenge on her after the humiliation suffered in the previous war. Then the three evil lords of Gorm join forces with Grimhilde in order to drive Maleficent out of the 3d world.

Vs The Other Mother

Maleficent is angry that she learns that Grimhilde is here in the 3d world, ready to ruin her plans for conquest. The Other Mother thus decides to challenge the evil queen to help Maleficent.

New allies

After defeating the Other Mother, Grimhilde receives a nice surprise upon her return. In fact, while she was busy with Maleficent's follower, Obscurio, Armageddon and Devilfenix have summoned other villains who cannot tolerate Maleficent's conquest of their world and intend to help Snow White's evil stepmother. The villains summoned are: Tai Lung, Kaos, Kaos's Mom, Magmion and Lavion. Grimilde is satisfied with the work done by Obscurio, Armageddon and Devilfenix and return to plan their next attack on the mistress of all evil.

Villains Battles

Vs Lady Tremaine

The Evil Queen summons her ally, Lady Tremaine because she wants to know if she killed Snow White. However she reveals about she didn't do it because her friends attacked the lady and the queen fires the her for incompetence. So Lady Tremaine decides to take away one thing that would have kept the Queen from becoming insane...After leaving the castle under Lady Tremaine's nose, The Evil Queen decided to hide, but she is chased by Lady Tremaine, who found her. Is this the end of the queen herself?

Disney Vs DC Villains War

Her faction

A new player starts forming a faction of her own to participate in war.

All-Star Villains Tournament

Animated Movies vs Cartoon Villains War

Cuphead Bosses vs Disney Villains War

Her faction

A ruthless queen decides to make her move in the war and gathers her alliance.