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Quan Chi is a minor antagonist, though a powerful one, in the Mortal Kombat video game franchise. He is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament and Worst Hero And Villain War Ever

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Shredding the Shredder

Quan Chi encounters the Shredder upon the latter's arrival in the live-action universe. The Shredder wants one of Quan Chi's Netherrealm portals for himself. Quan Chi denies the Shredder his portal, thinking he can take the human martial artist easily. This proves a more difficult task than expected, as the Shredder handily knocks Quan Chi down with his spear. The two trade blows, with Quan Chi forced on the defensive most of the time. The Shredder reveals his true face and charges, giving Chi a prime opportunity to strike his enemy down. Chi then draws a dagger and, with it, knocks the Shredder out of the window and out of his lair. Chi then leaves.

Quan Chi in The Live Action Universe

New Kicks

Shang Tsung summons Quan Chi to the CGI in order to serve their master, Shao Kahn. Unbeknownst to them both, the Shredder follows them. Quan Chi helps Shang Tsung raise an army of undead warriors, happening upon and killing Tighten in the process. Quan Chi is in possession of an amulet that lets him control the army of the undead. Unfortunately, the Shredder and his new protegé, Karai, arrive and attack. Quan Chi is able to blast Karai away with some magic, but he ends up having more trouble taking down a more experienced Shredder. He gets kicked away during the brawl, though he manages to distract the Shredder long enough for Shang Tsung to knock him away. Karai gets up and tries to take the amulet, but Quan Chi effortlessly knocks her back. Suddenly, a great evil approaches and takes command of the undead army. The figure then kills Shang Tsung, forcing Quan Chi to run away.

Worst Hero and Villain War Ever

Quan Chi in The Animated Universe


Quan Chi is a very mysterious being from Netherrealm that has existed under many forms and many names. He is the master of dimensional travel, as he has travelled to various dimensions to learn new magical abilities. At some point, Quan Chi helped an ancient evil named Shadow Khan to escape from the prison he had been locked in by Elder Gods. Quan Chi agreed to teach Shadow Khan the ability to travel between dimensions without the attention of Elder Gods. He then helped a fallen Elder God Shinnok to overthrow the former ruler of the realm, Satan. As a reward, Shinnok gave Quan Chi the title of Arch-Sorceror of Netherrealm.

Later down the line, the new ruler of Outworld Shao Kahn, who Quan Chi confused for Shadow Khan, wanted Quan Chi's help to conquer Heaven. Quan Chi agreed, only to realize that this was not the same Shadow Khan that had helped him to enter Netherrealm. Shao Kahn's invasion attempt drew the ire of Elder Gods, which led them to interfering in their business. Shinnok was imprisoned inside his own amulet, and Quan Chi's dimensional travel powers were forcibly removed. Quan Chi took leadership of Netherrealm temporarily, and started figuring out a new plan.

One day, he was met by a dark figure in a cloak, who told him about the legend of One Being. Quan Chi had heard of One Being, but dismissed it as a silly myth, however, the dark figure told the legend was true, and showed him "The Orb", one of the pieces of One Being. Even the sorceror was overwhelmed by the mysterious power, and agreed to help the mysterious figure. Mysterious figure told Quan Chi he must merge all the realms so that One Being would come back to life and kill all the Elder Gods. Quan Chi agreed to help, but didn't know how. He originally tried to call the help of Shadow Khan only to find out Shadow Khan was sealed inside an ancient shield. Furious, Quan Chi turned his attention instead to two people who both were worshippers of Shadow Khan, M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo and Shadow Master, the leader of Shadow Dojo.

Matter of Power

Quan Chi had invited M. Bison and Shadow Master for a meeting in Netherrealm, so they could help him open a portal to Zaterra, which houses a powerful amulet Quan Chi wants to use. Shadow Master uses his staff to shoot a hole in the wall, which leads to Quan Chi's realm. As he leaves, M. Bison and Shadow Master dicuss their alliance.

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Finding The Darkstalkers

As Quan Chi makes his way to Zaterra to get the Gem of Tetsurri, he finds Morrigan and Demitri Maximoff bickering to each other after their loss to Sam and Max. Quan Chi suggests an alliance with them, promising that he could make Darkstalkers rule the world again with his power. As vampire and succubus accept the deal, Quan Chi grabs the Tetsurri Gem for his possession.

Quan Chi in his Second Animated Form