Quakke is Skeletor's henchman and Flogg's lieutentant in the television series, "The New Adventures of He-Man". A powerfull warrior who uses a large mace to create eartquakes from the ground. Quakke makes his first appearance in the villains series, in the third part of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

Turned into Monster

Skeletor takes Quakke to the moon Nordor, where he locates the Crystal of Darkness. While Skeletor was impressed by the Crystal's powers, Quakke was assure and consumed in fear, he decided to leave this place at once. Skeletor, however, has other plans and uses Quakke as a tool to test the Crystal's powers. The results cause Quakke to boost his powers, but it cost him to turn mad with power. Skeletor then promised more power if he would work with him. The results of Quakke was the reason that Flogg turned down Skeletor's proposal to boost the power for all of the mutant army, fearing for his people safety.

Assault on Planet Z

Quakke is later seen in the invasion of the mutants against Zurg and his forces in his hometown, Planet Z. He enters a fighting space ship, along with the rest of the mutant captains, to weaken Zurg's power. After they emerge victorious from the battle, Flogg orders the mutant captains to capture Zurg, who had escaped from the battle at the final moments, in any place he would be hiding at the moment.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Quakke makes a cameo appearance, when Flogg and his troops fight off Metal Sonic. Flogg instructs his troops, included Quakke to invade Dolf's territories, however, Metal Sonic blocks their way and decide to destroy it in orders to pass through the terrain of Dolf. Later, Quakke appears, as a background character, when Flogg admits defeat and surrenders himself and his troops to Dolf.

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