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Puppet is the main antagonist of fnaf and the main protagonist of fnaf 4 minigames

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Marionette in the 8 bit universe

Pupput is a mysterious animatronic built byDr Kahl for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a local he suggested on the Inkwell Isle, serving as a security animatronic, preventing children from leaving the establishment. Its system is based on the fact that each child in the restaurant must wear a bracelet, which comes in different colors. Puppet is then assigned a color, and each time a child approaches the exit, if whose armband color matches the one assigned to Puppet, the animatronic will then emerge from its box and prevent it from leaving. In case the child manages to go outside, Puppet will chase him outside the building and bring him back inside.

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One day Puppet is assigned to prevent the child with the green armband from leaving the building. A while passes, and "your" child does not appear. Suddenly, other young people block Puppet's box and go to a window, only to see and laugh at a girl "That was about Charlotte Emily" who has been left outside the building. The girl in question has nothing more or nothing less than the green bracelet. When the rest of the boys leave, Puppet comes out of his box and goes outside to look for the girl.

Once outside, Puppet to search. However, a heavy rain is falling and the water begins to damage the components and circuits of the animatronic, destroying it little by little. He finally finds the girl, but she is lying on the ground and does not move. Crawling and no longer energized, Puppet uses his last strength to fall to the girl's side and hug her until she finally turns off.

Relentlessly and with a desire for revenge, this girl's soul possesses the puppet, not before this soul had the misfortune to find a mysterious evil entity in the shape of a cartoon bear who turns out to be her murderer and is next to the Devil himself, Charlotte Emilly is proposed to return in Puppet's room, otherwise when she refused she would go to the same hell, Charlotte had no choice but to accept, once in the puppet this takes a more cartoonish form and from now on she was one of the multiple Servants of the Devil who only seeks to torment anyone who enters Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, controlling the rest of the animatronics with his phantasmagoric powers, and once being one of Felix the Cat's worst fears.

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Dr. Kahl creates new robots for his master.