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The Prison Rig's Warden is a Fire Nation administrator and the Warden of the Prison Rig, an offshore Fire Nation prison, that it is used for the imprisoment of the earthbenders. This version of the Warden appears as a minor player in the third part of Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non-Disney Villains War - Part Three

Caught by Surprise

Azula dispatches the Prison Rig's Warden on purposes to destroy the remain forces of Dr. Drakken. However, he learns that Drakken is not an underestimated scientist, as he easily defeats the Warden and his henchmen, with a new set of robots. Tired of playing with the robots, the Warden uses his firebending to melt Drakken's robots, so that he would deal with Drakken personally, as he sees the doctor in a ship. However, to his surprise, Drakken reveals a weapon, that can manipulate the ground beneath the Warden and his henchmen. Despite his secret weapon, the Warden still fights against the doctor, as he blasts him with firebending, though his attacks are blocked by an aerial shield of Drakken, reflecting the attacks back to the Warden and his henchmen, kncoking them out. Dr. Drakken then creates a platform that takes the Warden and his henchmen above the ocean. Despite begging for forgiveness, as the Warden claims that he doesn't know swimming, Drakken shows no mercy, as he deactive his weapon, causing the Warden and his henchmen to fall into the ocean below.