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Princess Azula is a manipulative and ruthless fire-bending prodigy, and the tertiary, but after Zuko's reform the secondary villain in the television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is a major player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War. She is Izumi's paternal aunt.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


Early in life, the future firebending prodigy known as Azula exhibited tendencies on sadism and hatred, murdering servants and friends alike. Despite her status in the royal family, Azula couldn't keep her demons locked away forever. As she grew older, Azula's lies and deeds eventually caught up with her in the form of Admiral Zhao. Zhao blackmailed the princess into a sadistically lustful affair, from which Azula eventually tried to escape. One night, Azula sat alone at a Fire Nation tavern, where she met the woman who would one day become Shego. Something inside the two of them clicked, and the two young women shared a passionate night together. However, things would eventually sour between the two of them, as such a scandal threatened Azula's rise to the throne. Shego begged Azula to stay with her, but Azula refused, leading the two former lovers to hate one another....

His Majesty's Assassin

Learning of Ratcliffe's rise to power, Fire Lord Ozai decides to use his daughter's skills in his favor, and sends her on a mission. At the same time, Dr. Drakken and David Xanatos send their second in command, Shego, to research the Fire Nation's Navy movements. The two missions collide with one another, leading to mutual contempt. The two young women trade insults and threats, until Azula makes the first move. She blasts lightning at Shego, but fails to hit her. The two engage in a furious duel, each showing off her respective skills, until Shego finally sends Azula over the edge of her ship into the sea.

Redeeming Herself

Furious after her defeat at Shego's hands, Azula works furiously to get back into her father's good graces. She infiltrates the Forbidden Mountain to steal the lamp of the mighty genie, Jafar. There, she encounters Ursula, the Sea Witch, guarding the lamp. The witch claims that she can easily defeat the princess, but Azula puts the witch to the test. Azula's firebending proves a match for Ursula's magic, and Azula easliy controls the battlefield with her superior agility and speed, running rings around the corpulant witch. Azula finally defeats Ursula with a blast of lightning and steals Jafar's magic lamp, leaving the sea witch defeated and empty handed.  With Jafar's lamp now in possession of the Fire Nation, Azula delivers the lamp to her father, greatly amplifying his power.

The Battle of Peru

Desiring to extend the Fire Nation's power, Azula personally leads an assault on Peru, the home base of the sorceress, Yzma. The Fire Nation's military easily takes down Yzma's forces. Azula chases Yzma as the cowardly sorceress attempts to escape through the chutes of the city. Megavolt tries to intervene, but Azula easliy defeats him. Unfortunately for Azula, the distraction allows Yzma time to escape.

The Genie and Other Plans

Jafar visits Azula in her chambers one evening, advising her to take control of the war during her father's abscence. The next day, Azula attends the Lizard Men Games, killing the Lizard King in mortal combat as Ruber's former war councel look on. She then claims control of the lizard army.  

Azula pays a visit to Kent Mansley's super prison and elects a new prison warden, much to the chagrin of Dr. Robotnik and Bishop. Due to her growing power, Xanatos and the Illuminati decide that Azula is a menace to their plans and wish to have her dealt with.

A Deadly Rematch

Dr. Drakken, Shego and their allies invade the Fire Nation Capital during while Ozai is abroad conquering. Azula rides into battle, attempting to goad Shego into a fight, but Shego decides to watch instead. But Azula, refusing to take no for an answer, attacks Drakken, forcing him to retreat and Shego into battle. Azula is ready, blasting Shego at point blank range with lightning, causing Shego to explode. At this, Drakken and the rest of his forces flee.

Fire Lord Azula

After Ozai's death at the hands on Shan Yu, Azula claims the throne. In return for his services, Jafar demands his freedom, only for Azula to reject his offer and become his new master, telling the genie that she has manipulated him all along. In her increasing paranoia, he then decides to banish the entire war council, having grown tired of them. Only Jafar remains.

VS Jafar

On the day of the official corronation, Jafar interrupts the ceremony. The genie has grown tired of serving Azula and is ready to end his servitude. Azula attacks first, taking down Iago; she then attacks Jafar directly, but Jafar takes the fight lightly, making a joke of the attack. He then fires dark magic from his eyes, magic Azula dodges. As she continues to evade his devistating power, he gets lucky and knocks Azula off her perch. As she falls, Jafar creates giant, fiery chasms in which he hopes the princess will fall. But Azula propels herself through the air with her firebending and grabs onto the cliffside. She then quickly punches Jafar's exposed lamp into the molten lava below. With his lamp destroyed, the genie explodes.

Losing the Throne

Azula's success does not last. After Jafar's defeat, Shan Yu and his armies invade. The Hun leader confronts Azula,and demands that she bow down to him. She refuses, using her fire to fly away before Shan Yu can stop her.

An Unholy Alliance

Enraged after Shan Yu's hostile takeover, Azula and her comrades are confronted by the newly revived Rasputin and Ruber. Ruber claims to have a plan in which Azula will play an important role. Azula, seeing that she now has nothing left to lose, accepts.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Three

Reuniting With Old Allies

As the new war begins, Azula joins Ruber and Rasputin in taking back Camelot. There, the three of them are joined by one of Ruber's old council members, Lord Maliss, as they prepare to take back the throne. To secure her power, Azula begins tying up loose ends, starting by hiring one of her few remaining loyalists, a skilled and ruthless Fire Nation Warden, to capture her old foe Dr. Drakken. Unfortunately, the warden fails in his task.

Monster Slayers

Azula and her allies are soon faced with new threats, as Azula's old enemy, Ursula, sends the Cyclops to attack Camelot in hopes of taking out Ruber. Azula steps in to face him alongside Ruber, and the two begin working together to take him down. After Ruber's first attempt at attacking the Cyclops with his griffon fails, Azula challenges him, drawing his attention away from her ally. The Cyclops attempts to crush Azula under his foot, only for the princess to dodge the attack. Azula then wounds the Cyclops with a blast of fire, leaving an opening for Ruber to knock him off balance with a punch, sending him falling to his doom.

Tension Within The Ranks

With the threat dealt with, Azula attends a meeting with the rest of Ruber's allies to discuss their their unstable alliance and rebuilding their power base. When Rasputin states that the throne has been lost and their armies are scattered, Azula points out that their army is non-existent, stating that with Shan Yu occupying the Fire Nation and the new king of England, Amon, hunting down benders, she has barely a hundred fighters left. Azula then comments that Ruber's henchmen leave a lot to be desired. Ruber then sarcastically asks if his invincible metal men do not reach Azula's high standards, to which Azula tersely replies that they don't. Ruber then warns Azula that she is grating on his last nerve. Their argument is broken up by Maliss, who claims that they should not fight among themselves, as they have enough enemies as it is, his sister, Queen Grimhilde, chief among them. Azula listens as Rasputin and Maliss argue over whether Grimhilde poses a credible threat to them, before revealing that she has summoned an old acquaintance in hopes of procuring them a navy. This ally is revealed to be none other than Admiral Zhao, who states that he doesn't think much of Azula's company, but speculates that she is likely more comfortable among these renegades than at her father's court. Angered by Zhao's insolence, Azula chastises him for speaking to her in that manner, as she is still the Fire Lord. With a sarcastic apology, Zhao reveals that he has only come to sign his resignation, stating that he will not serve the coward who would murder her own father. Shocked and furious that Zhao has figured out the truth, Azula attempts to deny it, only for Zhao to reveal that he knows all about her deal with Jafar. He then comments that she is both a kin slayer and a king slayer, citing it as quite an accomplishment. Azula then orders him to get out of her sight, which Zhao gladly does, as Ruber sarcastically states that Azula is quite a people person.

Later, Azula discovers that Maliss has fallen by the hand of his sister, and informs Ruber, only to find that the knight doesn't even remember who Maliss is. The two then argue over which of Ruber's old council members was which, with Azula stating that Maliss was the one with green skin, although Ruber believes that to be Darkheart. When Azula claims that Darkheart was the wizard who looked like Jafar, Ruber corrects her, stating that that was the Wizard Of Wonderland. Exasperated, Azula asks which of them was the redhead in the track suit, at which point Ruber loses interest in the conversation.

A Wedding and A New Mistress

Later, Ruber and his allies are rejoined by a recently revived Rothbart, after which Ruber reveals his new plan to regain power: arrange a political marriage between Azula and the new King Of The World, Mozenrath, thus uniting their two empires. Although Azula is presumably unhappy with the plan, she nevertheless agrees to go along with it.

On the day of the wedding, Azula arrives alongside her three allies, where she is greeted by Mozenrath's master, the Archmage. After the other guests arrive, including Mozenrath's new ally Skeletor, and finally Mozenrath himself, the wedding ceremony begins. However, the festivities are interrupted when Mozenrath and Skeletor reveal their plot to dispose of the Archmage, leading to a duel between him and Skeletor. Further complicating things is the sudden arrival of Maleficent, who has come for revenge on Ruber. Azula watches in amusement as Ruber is destroyed by Maleficent, having tired of him completely by this point. After the confusion dies down, and both the Archmage and Skeletor retreat, Azula is approached by Maleficent, who advises her to abandon both her allies and her new husband, and become her apprentice, promising that she will help the princess regain her former glory. Intrigued and impressed by Maleficent's power, Azula accepts the dark fairy's offer, stating that the two of them will soon dominate the Earth, as Maleficent teleports both of them elsewhere.

Maleficent's Apprentice

Returning to the Forbidden Mountains, Maleficent introduces Azula to the rest of her forces. However, Maleficent's ranks include a familiar face: Jafar, who is back from the dead, and less than pleased to see his old enemy again. Nevertheless, the two rivals are forced to play nice for the time being.

Azula then begins training under Maleficent and the Witches Of Morva, in hopes of awakening the darkness within herself and realizing her full potential. Under their guidance, Azula succeeds in conjuring a powerful blast of lightning. The Witches comment that her skills are almost perfect, a mere hair out of place. However, Azula replies that 'almost' isn't good enough, and continues training while Maleficent looks on with pride.


However, in the midst of her success, Azula begins to find herself haunted by the spirit of her father, Ozai, who has been awakened through means unknown to Azula. Ozai begins to torment her, playing on her guilt and insecurities. The haunting takes a noticeable toll on Azula, which Jafar smugly comments on. Jafar then reveals to her that the only way to stop the haunting is to bring her father back from the dead, which would require Azula to trade her life for his.

Determined to put an end to the haunting for good, Azula decides to confront her father's spirit in the Underworld. Ozai tempts her to give up her own life to end her torment. However, as Azula shows signs of defiance, Ozai attempts to order her to obey him. Suddenly, Maleficent arrives with the Witches Of Morva, having learned of Azula's haunting and coming to personally free her new protege from the Fire Lord's influence. Azula and the Witches Of Morva then team up to take down Ozai, with Azula knocking her father into a pillar with a fiery kick. Maleficent then casts a Sleeping Curse on Ozai, leaving him permanently dormant. Azula then personally kicks her father back into the River Styx, now free of her father once and for all.

Following the fight with Ozai, Azula and Maleficent are informed by Ursula that Jafar was the one who awakened the Fire Lord, and is plotting to betray Maleficent. The two then confront Jafar, expelling him from the faction. However, before Azula can take revenge on her enemy, Jafar escapes.

Disney Villains War 3


The Horned King declared himself complete ruler of Europe, having successfully united the several small lands as Rothbart declared his loyalty to the Horned King. Lady Tremaine and the Horned King then both announced that they would be executing Princess Azula for defying the Horned King. With this news, Rothbart departed. As the Horned King debated with Mozenwrath and Lady Tremaine, Mozenwrath stated that all resistance to the Horned King's rule had been wiped out but Lady Tremaine pointed out that Ratcliffe was now leading a resistance and also reminded the two of the followers of the Great Evil. The Horned King then revealed that he was most disturbed that Frollo and Grimhilde were not found in the ruins of the castle and he wanted to know where they disappeared to. As Mozenwrath mocked the Horned King for fearing dead people, the Horned King angrily stated that he would make him sit in front at the execution so that he could learn the meaning of fear. The Horned King then executed Azula.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Under Control... or Not

Princess Azula presides over a celebration of Fire Nation victory and prosperity, only for the festivites to be interrupted by Amon. Amon begins preaching a message of liberty for non-benders, enraging Azula. She tries to strike down the Equalist with her firebending, but he dodges all her moves. She thus moves in, hoping to best Amon in physical combat, but the far older and more skilled Amon knocks her aside. When Amon moves to escape, Azula uses her firebending to pursue. However, Amon's gliders prove far more resilient than her firebending streams; while Amon is able to escape, Azula falls into the water, disgraced.

Gaining Time

After some rest and recovery, Azula decides to scout for Amon. But, instead of finding him, she encounters a strange armored man called Nox. He wants to know how Firebending works, so Azula spurns him and mocks his attempts at knowledge. This only infuriates Nox, who tries to cut Azula down with a sword. Azula, being more nimble, ducks under the blade and uses her Firebending to repulse her foe. When Nox employs some clever damage absorption techniques, Azula musters all her energy and destroys the entire rampart. Azula is just about to strike down her foe when he magically stops time. Azula is helpless as Nox takes up his sword and prepares to cut her down. At the last second, Azula unleashes all her fiery might and blasts Nox to the ground. Realizing she cannot fight an opponent who can stop time, Azula flees, leaving behind a scorched Nox.

Regaining Respect

Azula asks Chase Young to help her in her battles; he acquiesces, thinking he has much to gain from the alliance. Azula then re-convenes with her father, who has joined forces with the pharaoh, Rameses. Both Azula and Ozai mock the hyper-traditionalist, but the pharaoh soon proves his mettle by increasing the Fire Nation's workload and brandishing his One Ring of Power.

Burn Them to the Ground

Princess Azula accompanies her father in his quest to destroy the Ice Nation. The two make their way to the main chamber of Nekron, the ruler of the Ice Nation, and his wife, the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen immediately attacks Azula with some magic from her staff, but Azula dodges. She then kicks the Snow Queen's staff away. Azula prepares to blast the Snow Queen away, dodging a blast of ice in the process, but the Snow Queen's attack ends up destabilizing a pillar in the fortress; Azula melts the ice in order to avoid being crushed. After blocking yet another magical blast, Azula finds herself on the ground, as the Snow Queen sweeps her legs. Azula gets up, noticing a mysterious potion hanging on the wall. She frees it, causing the glass to break. Doing so summons a massive ice pterosaur that freezes the Snow Queen in place instantly.

Azula turns to Nekron, witnessing the ruler of the Ice Nation holding her father in place with telekinesis. She thus summons her ability to control lightning to send a massive jolt to Nekron's heart. As the king flounders, Azula prepares another blast and hits Nekron again, reducing him to a charred corpse. Suddenly, King Haggard and Queen Juliana, two other Ice Nation leaders, burst into the room. Haggard, seeing his son's dead body, charges at Azula; Azula quickly burns him alive. In the meantime, Ozai melts Nekron's fortress, giving Azula the opportunity to fly away.

Cartoon Villains War

An Alien Invasion?

While patrolling an area of the Fire Nation, Azula spots a strange alien establishing a base there. Investigating further, Azula discovers that the intruder is a Gem named Peridot, who is hoping to take control of the area for her masters. Determined to nip this invasion in the bud, Azula confronts Peridot and threatens her. Not wanting to risk facing Azula head on, Peridot attempts to retreat, but Azula refuses to let her escape so easily. As Peridot tries to escape by running up a canyon wall, Azula blasts a piece of debris with lightning, causing it to fall on top of Peridot and send her plummeting to the ground. However, Peridot survives the attack and attempts to make a run for it. As Azula continues to pursue her doggedly, Peridot transforms her hand into helicopter blades, allowing her to fly away and escape. However, Azula is unconcerned, certain that Peridot and her allies would return, and that she would have a chance to crush them then. Azula then reports the encounter to her father, Fire Lord Ozai, who is worried about the possible threat Peridot and whoever she was working for could pose to them.

An Unusual New Ally

As Azula and Ozai make plans for the war, they are surprised by the arrival of Aku, a demon that Ozai had previously awakened. Believing the demon to have come to kill them, Azula is initially hostile, but calms down when Aku explains his real reason for being there. Aku then offers an official alliance between himself and the Fire Nation. Realizing the usefulness of having a powerful being like Aku on their side, especially given the recent attacks they had faced, the two accept the demon's offer, much to Aku's delight.

A Humiliating Defeat

As Azula predicted, the Gems do eventually return, as Azula, stationed in one of the Fire Nation's territories alongside Admiral Zhao, finds herself facing an invasion led by the Gem pilot Emerald. As Zhao's forces try to repel Emerald's aerial assault, Azula's ship is boarded by Jasper, one of the Gem's strongest warriors, who confronts the princess. The two warriors face off in hand-to-hand combat, with Azula managing to briefly stun Jasper with a swift punch. However, as Azula prepares to finish off her enemy with a blast of lightning, Jasper recovers and charges her head-on, knocking the princess overboard and causing her to fall into the sea. Although Azula survives, the rest of Zhao's forces are defeated by Emerald, while Azula herself is left humiliated.


Returning to the capital after their defeat, Azula and Zhao report back to Ozai about the Gems’ takeover of their land. Feeling that a war is inevitable, and seeing that his own allies have failed him, Ozai decides that it is time to start gathering new allies to strike back against the Gems. He begins by recruiting his long-estranged brother, Father, although Azula is suspicious about the intentions of this new arrival.

Regain her honor

Azula and Chase Young gather a small invasion force for a daring attack on the city of Omashu. However, unbeknownst to them, Kuvira and Long Feng have just arrived in the city to discuss the activation of the Cluster with one of the Diamonds' top officials, Holly Blue Agate. Using the information given to them by Charmcaster, Azula and Chase are able to infiltrate Omashu through its mail system, as Kuvira rallies her troops to repel them. Kuvira and the Dai Li are well prepared, but duo's tenacity and skill are not to be underestimated, especially that of Azula, who is determined not to suffer another failure...

With his army destroyed and his invasion a failure, Father returns to the Fire Nation in shame. However, upon his arrival, he is shocked to see Azula and Chase being honoured for their conquest of Omashu. With Ozai’s faith in Azula restored, and Father’s own reputation destroyed by his humiliating defeat, his plans to take the throne are ruined. As the rest of the faction watches, Ozai punishes Father for his failure by placing Azula above him in rank, causing Father to storm out in a rage, as he prepares to move on to Plan B.


The allied forces of the Gems and the Earth Empire launch a full-scale attack on the Fire Nation capital. With much of the Fire Nation's forces occupied elsewhere, the capital's defenses are completely unprepared for an attack, and are quickly overrun by the invading armies. Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond goes to personally deal with Fire Lord Ozai. The two rulers face off one on one, but an unexpected betrayal may tip the scales...

With the Fire Nation capital in the hands of the Gems, Ozai and his remaining forces take refuge at Aku's fortress, where the Fire Lord entreats the demon's help. To honor their bargain, Aku summons a comet that, when it passes over in a week’s time, will increase the power of the fire benders tenfold. With this new advantage, Ozai and Azula eagerly begin planning their counter-attack.

Prepare for the final battle

Fire Lord Ozai holds a meeting of his generals to discuss strategies for their upcoming attack on the Gem/Earth Empire, when Samhain arrives to warn Aku that Bill is about to escape the barrier. Aku and Discord then depart to deal with Bill, forcing Ozai and Azula to proceed with the attack without their support. Fortunately, Vexus arrives and offers her aid in taking down the Gems, which the royals gladly accept.

Final Battle

Meanwhile, the Fire Nation’s navy (commanded by Zhao) and airship fleet (led by Azula), advance on the Earth Kingdom for an attack on the Gems. With Chase Young and Charmcaster leading the charge, and Azula’s airships backing them up, the Fire Nation troops begin to push through the enemy lines, only to be headed off by the Colossus, piloted by Kuvira, which begins laying waste to the Fire Nation’s army. Regrouping, Azula and her allies combine their powers in a coordinated attack that succeeds in bringing the Colossus down. The battle goes on, as Vilgax returns to the battlefield, and Azula’s forces begin to sustain heavy losses. Compounding this, the Colossus rises again, forcing Azula to change her tactics. Noticing a weak point in the mech’s armor, Azula sends Chase and Zuko to bring it down from the inside.As the Fire Nation and Cluster troops begin to force the Gems back, Azula seeks out Jasper, provoking her into a rematch. The two engage in a brutal fight, but Azula ultimately triumphs over her old enemy, obliterating her with a blast of lightning. Just as it appears that the Fire Nation has won, the Diamonds themselves step into the fray, using their ships to awaken the Cluster. The massive weapon unleashes hell on the Fire Nation forces, while Yellow and Blue Diamond, aided by Father, duel Azula and Chase, finally taking down the duo. However, it turns out that Azula and Chase were merely buying time for Charmcaster, who casts a powerful spell that forces the Cluster back underground. At that moment, reinforcements arrive in the form of a second airship fleet, led by Fire Lord Ozai himself. As Azula and her allies vacate the battlefield, Ozai rains fire onto the Gems, eradicating the entire army, including the Diamonds themselves.

Ruler of Dai Li

Fire Lord Ozai claims control of the Earth Kingdom, declaring himself the Phoenix King. Kuvira and her remaining allies are imprisoned, while Azula takes command of the Dai Li.

Cartoon Villains War - Part Two

Teaming with Fuhrer

As Chase and Charmcaster report back to Ozai and Azula about their failed mission, the royals are visited by Fuhrer King Bradley, who proposes that the Fire Nation and Amestris join forces to take down Skeletor.

Trying to make a deal

Azula meets with Prince Schneizel, hoping to persuade the Britannians into either joining with the Fire Nation’s coalition, or remaining neutral in any conflicts to follow. However, her offer is refused, leaving a conflict between Britannia and the Fire Nation seemingly inevitable.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Charizard and Entei

With the Forbidden Mountains to himself, Entei decides to relax. But the Fire Nation princess, Azula arrives and challenges him to a duel. When Charizard comes in, the two work to take down Azula.

In Narissa's faction

Meanwhile, Princess Azula having survived her fight against Charizard and Entei meets up with her brother, Prince Zuko are both are recruited by Yzma into Narissa's alliance.

Vs May

Wanting to prove he's worthy enough for Narissa, Zuko decides to take out a Pokemon trainer known as May. But he's not alone as his sister, Azula decides to help deal with her.

Vs Squirtle and Bullbasaur

After being defeated by Dr. Blowhole's forces, Squirtle and Bulbasaur decide to attack Queen Narissa's castle. Jafar, watching this, manipulates Azula and Zuko into attacking them. Azula and Zuko may have blasting powers, but they're not enough to stop Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

Villains Battles 2

Entering the conflict

Azula first enters the war with intentions of taking out her own father Fire Lord Ozai by pledging her allegiance to Scar, Pete, Yosemite Sam and Shan Yu's faction. She later steals Jafar's Lamp as she uses it, with the leaders consenting to it.

Finding a new father in Scar

She later laments her sorrow because of her father's continuous mistreatments by as Scar starts feel sorry for her and decides to comfort her as he tells what happened many years ago to make her understand she wasn't alone: in fact his father Ahadi didn't mostly care about him since he thought of him as a mindless soldier as he was the leader of the Lion Guard. Scar, then takes her under his wing, much to her joy as she starts caring more for Scar and less to her father. Pinky and the Brain watch on.

Even less interested

She later witnesses as her father forms his faction composed of Ozai himself, her brother Zuko, Azula herself, the sorceress Magica De Spell, the emperor Charles zi Britannia (who preferred not to participate in war because of personal business) and the Nazi Red Skull (who joined to have his revenge on Pete and Yosemite Sam for Adolf Hitler's death at their hands. He then fears that King Dedede might be a threat to his plans and prepares to kill him, only for them to be greeted by Fritz, who wants revenge on Queen Narissa because of her murder of his deceased master Hugo Strange. The psychopath leaves Azula quite annoyed of his instructions in finding Dreamland.

Recruiting new allies

Azula, later, starts forming her own faction under a suggestion of her dear Scar's genie and mentor Jafar by persuading Chase Young and Nefir, two allies of her father in order to have her ascended to the throne. Both of them were interested since they were plotting to kill him. Later she also recruits Mozenrath, an old ally of Scar to help her in her cause. She also recruits Commander Rourke, Lieutenant Helga Sinclair, Mai and Ty Lee to help her.

Villains Battles 3


Scar meets up with Azula, Jafar and Mozenrath, who inform him of Queen La's demise. The king, however is surprised that Duncan and Nuka didn't bring them here and wonders where are they, until the both of them arrive and inform Scar of the assassination attempt on them from the orders of Prince Phobos, shocking both Scar and Azula.

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

Disney Vs TV Villains War

TV Villains Tournament Remake

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two